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May 29, 2009


LA Times - To balance the books, Schwarzenegger is eyeing the dismantling of the state's CalWorks program, which serves more than 500,000 poor families with children, as well as the elimination of Healthy Families, which provides medical coverage to 928,000 children and teens. Mothballing the two programs would save the state about $1.4 billion in the coming fiscal year, officials said. If the proposals to slash the safety net come to pass, they would completely reshape the state's social service network, transforming California from one of the country's most generous states to one of the most tightfisted in aiding the poor.

Also potentially on the chopping block is CalGrants, a financial assistance program that offers cash grants to lower- and middle-income college students each year. The governor's proposal would eliminate the 77,000 new grants awarded each year at a cost of $180 mill

LA Times - The Los Angeles Unified School District announced it is canceling the bulk of its summer school programs, the latest in a statewide wave of cutbacks expected to leave hundreds of thousands of students struggling for classes. The reductions, which will force many parents to scramble for child care, are the most tangible effect of the multibillion-dollar state financial cuts to education. Community colleges also have announced summer program cancellations.

LA Times - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger readied a proposal to cut state worker salaries by an additional 5% as local government officials lambasted his bid to take $2 billion from cities and counties to help curb the state's growing budget deficit. The governor's proposed salary reduction would affect 235,000 state workers who already are taking mandatory unpaid furloughs to help the state grapple with a projected budget gap of $24.3 billion.

Dozens of local government representatives told a 10-member legislative budget panel that Schwarzenegger's plan to tap them for $2 billion would force cities and counties to slash police and fire protection, shut libraries and cause a cascade of other troubles as they struggle to make ends meet. The governor's proposal, which involves borrowing local property tax money and repaying it within three years with interest, simply transfers the state's fiscal woes to a rung of government that can least afford it. Schwarzenegger wants to take nearly $700 million from cities and $330 million more from special districts that provide fire protection, flood control, mosquito abatement and other services.

LA Times - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's plan to dismantle the Cal Grant program would make California the first state in the recession-battered nation to eliminate student financial aid while raising college tuition, experts said. "Other states are cutting back, but not a complete phase-out," said Haley Chitty, communications director for the National Assn. of Student Financial Aid Administrators. The governor's proposal would end all new Cal Grants, eventually eliminating the state's main financial aid program for college students, and prevent existing awards from increasing. Grants awarded to 118,000 freshmen starting college in the fall would be canceled, as well as hikes in 82,255 continuing awards promised when the University of California and California State University raised fees this month by 10% and 9.3%, respectively.

LA Times - The overseer of healthcare in state prisons has agreed to dramatically scale back an $8-billion plan to build inmate medical facilities in a deal with Schwarzenegger administration officials who had called for his removal only months ago.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are magnificent! We are spectacular! The human species is prepared to go to any lengths to avoid doing pay justice! It's HILARIOUS!

Too bad it ends in tragedy. Oh well. Sorry, kids.

May 30, 2009 5:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Legalize all drugs: kill crime and fix the budget in one easy step.

May 30, 2009 7:05 PM  

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