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May 26, 2009


New America Media - At year's end, there were 834 Hispanic newspapers, 556 Hispanic magazines and another 526 journals, annuals, yellow-page directories and newsletters keeping this nation's ever-growing Latino population, now approaching 50 million, informed.

Hispanic newspapers had a combined circulation of 17.8 million, with an impressive 144 of them audited. Hispanic magazines had a combined circulation of 31.6 million, with 34 of those audited. . .

Spanish language dailies reached a high point in the United States in 2005, with 42 dailies with a combined 1.6 million circulation. By the end of 2008, those numbers had declined to 29 dailies with a combined 1.1 million circulation. Those numbers decreased even more in 2009.

Today 443 Hispanic newspapers and 311 Hispanic magazines have web sites


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