Monday, May 18, 2009


Green Car - Volkswagen's CEO, Martin Winterkorn recently confirmed the company is working on a car that will get 235 mpg fuel economy. In 2002, VW showed its 1-Liter concept car that achieved 264 mpg (0.89L/100km). The project was cancelled in 2005 but VW has now revived it. How real is this? VW now says a limited production car could be offered by 2010.

Minimum weight is crucial to extreme fuel efficiency. The VW 1-liter is made entirely of carbon fiber composites with the outer carbon fiber-reinforced skin tensioned over a space frame made of magnesium, which is lighter than aluminum. The car's running gear makes extensive use of lightweight alloys. Low rolling resistance tires are mounted on 16-inch wheels made of extremely lightweight composite materials. The magnesium seat frames feature fabric covers rather than conventional upholstery. . .

The 639 pound car incorporates advanced safety features including a deformable front end, an impact tolerant space frame, and racing car-like roll-over protection. It also has anti-lock braking, electronic stability program , and a driver's airbag.