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June 23, 2009


Two comments in our readers' comments section were accidentally conflated. Here is the correct version:


--- It's sad watching so many Democrats talk about fraud in a possibly legitimate election in Iran when they stayed so silent during two illegitimate elections here.

--- "It is difficult to see how he could have stolen the election by such a large margin." If you steal the election, that means the margin is false. Therefore, how large it is has no bearing. What's difficult to believe is how an incumbent who failed on all his campaign promises in the previous election could be elected by a wider margin than he one with the first time. If he did not steal the election, why doesn't Ahmadinejad invite all the journalists in the world and Jimmy Carter to count them? I admire your tendency toward counter-intuitiveness and constant debunking, but this post is balderdash. Iran is 70% under 30 and well-educated. Would anyone else on earth meeting that description vote for the likes of Ahmadinejad in such numbers? All this, of course, leaves aside the fact that the election was stolen before a single vote was cast because the mullahs choose the candidates. - Paul Tullis


Anonymous MURDER WILL OUT said...

Actually, Carter declined to come because he didn't want to be murdered by CIA/Mossad in a false flag operation that could justify bombing Iran, having been denied reelection via the October surprise betrayal of American hostages by the same said treasonous bastards, Paul Tullis.

June 23, 2009 11:41 PM  

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