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June 25, 2009


Longtime Review readers may remember our erstwhile British correspondent, Des Wilson. Des has moved on to other things, mainly poker, about which he writes extensively (including two books) and testing out the topic in real time. We have tried to discourage this trend, but what can you do when he offers stuff like this from yesterday's online poker diary:

Des Wilson - There is a saying in poker: you are never out while you have a chip and a chair. Today I proved it. With two tables left I was down to one chip. One chip. From there I came back to the final table and eventually to fifth place and another $650. . .

The final table took an eternity and we were on 6 players (paying 5) for some time before a pleasant man from Chicago was knocked out and I had cashed.

From then my cards died on me and despite two all-ins that were unchallenged I found myself all-in with QQ and this time it was me who was hit with a straight on the river. But it was a comeback that Bill Clinton would have been proud of.


Anonymous stop allowing money for no work done said...

like reality shows incrementally normalize sadism and sports-worship stealthily normalizes the idea of competition as good, right, and necessary, so does gambling normalize and reinforce the idea of getting money for nothing, getting money for no work done.

All part of why Earthlings do not develop the elemental good sense to stop shovelling 99% of the money and power and freedom to a fraction few at the top of the brutally insane, and suicidal, and completely unnecessary human wealthpower pyramid, robbing the rest of ourselves blind ...of our very quality of life and our chance to have a future.

June 26, 2009 11:23 AM  

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