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June 16, 2009


Philip Weiss, Mondoweiss - AIPAC has hailed the Netanyahu speech as a "bold" step. But six years ago Netanyahu wrote a Washington Post op-ed in which he called for "a limited Palestinian state." Bibi in June 2003:

"The guiding principle is this: The Palestinians would be given all the powers needed to govern themselves but none of the powers that could threaten Israel. Put simply, the solution is full self-government for the Palestinians with vital security powers retained by Israel. For example, the Palestinians would have internal security and police forces but not an army. They would be able to establish diplomatic relations with other countries but not to forge military pacts. They could import goods and merchandise but not weapons and armaments. Control over Palestinian daily life would be in the hands of the Palestinians alone, but security control over borders, ports and airspace would remain in Israel's hands. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon expressed these ideas last year, and most Israelis sup


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