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June 29, 2009


Colin Hickey, Morning Sentinel, ME - Police early Sunday morning arrested a 20-year-old man after he allegedly broke into and vandalized a North Riverside Avenue home only to leave his pants, shirt, sneakers and wallet at the scene. Christopher Edgecomb, of Mariaville, faces charges of burglary, aggravated criminal mischief and possession of alcohol by a minor. Waterville Police Sgt. Jeffrey Bearce said Edgecomb, who was intoxicated and covered with a pink substance believed to be Pepto-Bismol, later tried to escape while being booked at Waterville Police Department. . .

Bearce said police were first alerted to troubles on North Riverside Drive when a resident of the street reported a young man dressed in only his underwear jumping on the hood of a Volkswagen car at 25 North Riverside Drive, where a party was taking place involving about 30 young people, all but a few them minors. . . "In the living room, they had set up a sawhorse with an eight-foot piece of plywood over it that was covered with (alcoholic beverages)," Bearce said. He described the party as out of control when police arrived. . . Bearce said when police initially entered the Sawyer home, many of those at the party were hiding in closets or bathrooms.


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