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June 18, 2009


This would support the possibility, pointed out by James Ridgway in Unsilent Generation, that the accident was the result of flaws in the construction of the plane.

IB Times, UK
- The autopsy results from some of the 50 bodies recovered so far show strong signs that the Air France flight 447 broke up mid air.

The victims of the Air France 447 crash had multiple fractures in legs, hips and arms but no signs of burns or water in the lungs. This indicates that the injuries were caused before the plane hit the water.

Air investigation experts have said all of the signs from the autopsy points towards the fact that the plane broke up in mid air before crashing into the water.

A former U.S. National Transportation Safety Board official said those injuries could mean the plane broke apart in the air.

Had the plane broken up after impact, it would have suffered far greater damaged with the parts of the plane becoming fragmented. The bodies would have suffered greater damage as well.

The tail fin was recovered intact and recently, the entire galley kitchen of the aircraft was recovered from the Atlantic Ocean.

The galley kitchen (shown in the picture) was one of the largest intact pieces of the Air France 447 to have been recovered. The nature of the galley raises the point that the breakup occurred in mid air leading to the aircraft parts breaking up one after another.

A direct impact into the ocean from such a high altitude would most likely have caused a severe disintegration of the plane.

The bodies recovered so far were located in two or more different locations separated by large distance. This gives rise to the prospect that the passengers would have fallen out as different parts of the flight broke and gave way.

The prospect of a mid air explosion is ruled out since the bodies do not have any signs of burns. The fact that no water was found in the lungs shows that the passengers did not drown and perished before impact on water.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel really sad with this lost
even tha I did'n know any of this
people.I prey god for them.

June 19, 2009 11:57 PM  

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