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June 11, 2009


Change - Thanks to a new ordinance passed by the Myrtle Beach City Council, any group wishing to serve a meal to homeless individuals in a city park must apply for a permit. What's more, the total number of "mass feeding" permits is limited to just four per year. . .

Sadly, the ordinance was created because of one woman who wanted to serve her community. . . Carol Stallings has served a free community breakfast every Sunday for nearly 10 years. She says that some people wouldn't eat all weekend if not for the meal, since some shelters are only open during the week. . .

She knows some people think if she and others stopped feeding [the homeless], they would go away, but she said that's not true because she hears their stories - how they have nowhere to go, haven't talked to their families in years and they think no one wants them. "They are human beings," she said. . .


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