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The longtime national journal, Progressive Review, has moved its headquarters from Washington DC to Freeport, Maine, where its editor, Sam Smith, has long ties. This is a local edition dealing with Maine news and progressive politics.


Thursday June 25

It's always fun when someone in power does something stupid to someone and the victim ends up the winner. Justin Denney has clearly joined the club after he didn't get his high school diploma because he blew a kiss to his mom from the stage and pointed to some friends. Already he's gone to Boston by limousine for an interview with Fox and gotten a call from Inside Edition. . . Portland Press Herald - Denny's father, Carl Hoffses, said he continues to get calls from media across the country wanting to talk to his son. He had a message Wednesday from a radio station in Davenport, Iowa, as well as some Internet sites and media outlets he had never heard of. . . Among the thousands of e-mails he's received, Denney said one was a marriage proposal. He didn't take it too seriously, and doesn't really remember the details. "I just said, 'Thank you,' " he said

Boston Globe -
Hundreds of Bangor streetlights will be going high-tech now that city officials have given the go-ahead to replace them with energy-efficient light-emitting diodes. The 319 LEDs will cost $523,000 upfront, but they will save an estimated $34,000 a year in electricity costs."

Eighty-two used needles were found on a Harpswell beach

Is part of the problem with public schools that kids have to ride to classes on buses that announce in big letters that they are SAD?

The former UM student trustee convicted of pot smuggling had more than a few friends in Fort Kent, where his father was principal at local schools until 2002. . . Bangor Daily News: "More than 150 letters in support of Chad Marquis were sent to the judge. . . Marquis' attorney, Jay McCloskey of Bangor, filed a 28-page sentencing memorandum, which quoted many of them. "Chad confesses that he wanted to get out of the drug business because 'it was robbing my soul,'" the memorandum stated. "He was ashamed of his constant lying and at times he 'did not know who he was.' When he told his supplier that he wanted out of the trade, he gave in to the promise of 'one more time.'". . .

A planned tidal power project for Half Moon Cove came under criticism at a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission hearing.


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