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June 1, 2009


Hank Chapot forwards a San Francisco Chronicle clipping from February 1930 under the headline; CHIEF QUINN ORDERS BAN ON GUNMEN that might just explain the origin of the Batman story.

The first graph reads; "Chicago gunmen and racketeers, driven to flight by the 'millionaire vigilantes,' will find no haven in San Francisco, under orders issued to the entire Police Department last night by Chief Quinn."

The article goes on to say "they will be met at ferry and railroad stations and turned back, or, if they slip by the cordon of waterfront policemen, they will be clapped in jail." The article further states, that due to Chicago's war on vice, "Gangsters, racketeers, hijackers, gunmen and crooks were being driven out of the city in large numbers and many of them are headed for California."

The question is, who were the "millionaire vigilantes" chasing bad guys out of Chicago, and, could this be the origin of the Batman story?

Chapot has been unable to find other references and is looking for any information that will crack this mystery. He can be reached hchapot@igc.org.


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You can see a copy of the news clipping From the February 1930 San Francisco Chronicle at;



June 1, 2009 1:25 PM  

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