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June 3, 2009


Washington Times - Americans pining for a peaceful existence might consider moving to New Zealand, the most peaceful nation on Earth, according to the 2009 Global Peace Index released by an Australian-based research group that counts former President Jimmy Carter, Ted Turner and the Dalai Lama among its endorsers.

The U.S. is 83rd on the roster, according to the Institute for Economics and Peace that rated the relative tranquility of 144 nations according to 23 indicators - including gun sales, the number of homicides, the size of the military, the potential for terrorism and the number of people in jail. ..

After New Zealand, the top 10 most peaceful nations are Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Austria, Sweden, Japan, Canada, Finland and Slovenia. In the bottom 10 are Zimbabwe, Russia, Pakistan, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Israel, Somalia, Afghanistan and, in last place, Iraq.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess the research group didn't bother to ask about New Zealand's Maori biker gangs, or the Fijian illegals; and I bet they don't have a clue about the gangs in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, both homegrown and from former Soviet bloc countries.

And just how useful are direct comparisons between homogeneous countries with tiny populations and huge nations with hundreds of millions of very diverse people?

June 4, 2009 12:45 PM  

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