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July 2, 2009


NY Times - The Vatican is quietly conducting two sweeping investigations of American nuns, a development that has startled and dismayed nuns who fear they are the targets of a doctrinal inquisition. . .

Nuns were the often-unsung workers who helped build the Roman Catholic Church in this country, planting schools and hospitals and keeping parishes humming. But for the last three decades, their numbers have been declining - to 60,000 today from 180,000 in 1965.

While some nuns say they are grateful that the Vatican is finally paying attention to their dwindling communities, many fear that the real motivation is to reel in American nuns who have reinterpreted their calling for the modern world.

In the last four decades since the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, many American nuns stopped wearing religious habits, left convents to live independently and went into new lines of work: academia and other professions, social and political advocacy and grass-roots organizations that serve the poor or promote spirituality. A few nuns have also been active in organizations that advocate changes in the church like ordaining women and married men as priests.

Some sisters surmise that the Vatican and even some American bishops are trying to shift them back into living in convents, wearing habits or at least identifiable religious garb, ordering their schedules around daily prayers and working primarily in Roman Catholic institutions, like schools and hospitals.


Anonymous i am a little church said...

The Church has survived for a couple of thousand tears because much of religion is internalised so that even while the pope rode around in a bullet proof limo encased in ermine robes and waving his bloodsoaked bejeweled hand many decent people just wanted to go to church and try to be better. Buit they were too stupid to let it go at that . After Vatican II, the assholes that are the rich Children of Italian fascists who comprise the college of cardinals began to demand the renunciation of Christ's teachings, They asserted that those who sought to serve the poor were communists and indeed atheists and that their own money grubbing sorry asses were the final arbiters of the word of God. Theyv'e run everyone left of Adolph Hitler from the Church, but they're still not satisfied; they're afraid there might be one fucking Catholic left with a conscience. But the dumb fuckers keep sending me requests for financial contributions. What a goddamned joke.

July 2, 2009 10:11 PM  
Anonymous Mairead said...

It's always been that way. Look at the literature of protest from the 1300s and you find lots of complaints about the crooked bishops and priests.

Any time we allow a system where a few people can live high on the hog at the expense of the rest of us, the same scum will show up. They'll say or do whatever it takes to make sure they're first at the trough and the last to leave.

I don't usually quote Heinlein because his politics didn't appeal, but he was right on the money when he said "No matter where or what, there are the makers, the takers, and the fakers"

July 3, 2009 6:26 AM  
Blogger mizlee said...

From the abuse of thousands of young people in the laundries and orphan schools of Ireland by the priest and nuns entrusted with their care, to the excommunication of everyone involved in the abortion of the 9-year old in Brazil who was carrying twins that would have killed her, the RCC just shows that it is just as evil and perverted as it has ever been. This monstrous church needs to be brought down, but as long as the sheep continue to give their money to it in the vain hope of "salvation" whatever that is, this evil will continue.
Lee Picton

July 19, 2009 2:37 PM  

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