Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Curb Day - Let's say you buy a new bicycle. You want to keep your previous bike, just in case. OK, but what about the previous-previous bike you own? The one that's starting to rust in your garage?

Typically, here's what happens to that bike. You move it from place to place each time you clean out the garage. You don't know what to do with it. You'd like to sell it or maybe give it away, but you never get around to it. When you finally get sick of tripping over it, you wheel it out with your trash on garbage day.

So [you put] bike out by the curb. No one knows it's there, unless they happen to drive by. And most of those people are rushing to work. As a result, no one salvages this bike and it eventually winds up in a landfill. Meanwhile, hundreds of people in your neighborhood would love to own that bike.

Here's a partial solution to this waste. It's called Curb Day, and it's on Saturday, October 24th.

On October 24th, take your old bikes and other useful but unwanted possessions to your curb. People in your neighborhood will know about Curb Day and they will be on the lookout for valuables. They'll pick up these items for free, and you'll be relieved of the clutter.

The main question people have is, 'What happens to all the stuff that doesn't get picked up?"

The answer: there won't be much left over - as long as we all help promote this event. And whatever is left over is probably true junk that would have wound up in a landfill anyway. However, please be prepared to retrieve items left over or possibly pay higher disposal costs.

Also, please obey local ordinances if they prohibit participation in this event. But let your elected officials know you want them to consider a variance twice a year.