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Friday, July 3

Leave no bear behind: photo of the day

Les Otten has been outdone in the logo lifting department. Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board paid $4900 for a new logo that many thinks looks like the class anarchist symbol. As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notes, "The traditional anarchy symbol shows an A inside a circle, with the A's horizontal cross-hatch extending to the edge of the circle or beyond. The board's logo is similar, but softer and more refined looking."
A volunteer at the Madison InfoShop - a collectively run center that provides anarchist literature - said, "The whole point of anarchism is to hold each and every one of ourselves accountable. The fact is the government is not very accountable."

Arstechnica - Many school districts have initiated programs to put MacBooks in the hands of students to engage them in technology and incorporate it in the learning process. But no program is as big or as inclusive as the state of Maine's-the Maine Learning Technology Initiative has just negotiated a deal with Apple to provide MacBooks to every middle- and high-schooler in the state. The MLTI program began earlier this decade with a program to supply every 7th and 8th grader in Maine with an iBook. The success of the program prompted the state to expand it to include all Maine high school students as well. That expansion includes a deal with Apple to supply another 64,000 MacBooks to the roughly 37,000 already in circulation-with another 7,000 expected to be ordered within the next few weeks.

WCSH - In May, 343 Mainers filed for bankruptcy protection as opposed to 268 last may - a 28% increase. It is almost triple the 124 who filed in may of 2006.

WSCH - People who live along a private beach in Harpswell say they are still finding a few syringes buried in the sand and seaweed every day.


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