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July 23, 2009


World Watch -Farmers managed 32 million hectares of organic agricultural land worldwide in 2007, a 118-percent increase since 2000. This rapidly growing practice appears in 141 countries but still accounts for less than 1 percent of the world’s agricultural land.

Consumer demand led to $46 billion in global sales of organic food and drink products in 2007, with average annual growth of $5 billion over the last decade. The United States and European Union account for 97 percent of global revenue.

Asia’s organic food market is experiencing double-digit growth rates of 15–20 percent per year, fueled in part by food safety concerns. China is home to more than half of the region’s 2.8 million hectares of organically managed land. India follows closely with more than 1 million hectares.

Many organic product labels are now owned by large companies as market supply chains continue to consolidate. Analysts highlight growing trends in the number of highly processed organic foods, in global sourcing rather than local, and in the quantity of organic products that are traded internationally.


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