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July 3, 2009


Richard Prince - WPFW's Ron Pinchback was said to be 'still in shock.' For the second time since April, the national board of the progressive, feisty and sometimes unruly Pacifica radio chain has fired the general manager of one of its stations. But unlike the outcry that followed the ouster of the management at New York's WBAI-FM, the departure of Ron Pinchback at Washington's WPFW-FM has been accompanied by a deafening near-silence. "Thanks for your interest but I can not offer any comments at this time," Pinchback told Journal-isms via e-mail on Tuesday.

Messages to Grace Aaron, the interim executive director of the parent Pacifica Foundation, were unreturned, as were those to Washington-based members of the national board and Pacifica's director of human resources. One director promised to have a conversation about the events, but failed to follow up at the appointed time.

By contrast, those ousted at New York's WBAI have been happy to put forth their point of view, keeping up a steady drumbeat of criticism and imputing racial and ideological motives to the national board.

"I spoke to Ron Pinchback former General Manager of WPFW who is still in [shock] over the treatment he received. Grace's roving hitman, Ahmad Anderson, the Director of Human Resources, gave Mr. Pinchback a letter telling him he was terminated and that he had to leave the building immediately. He then marched him out of the building. Ron Said that he felt like he was being treated like he was a common criminal.". . .

Listeners to the "Community Comment" call-in show that Pinchback hosted Friday mornings told his replacement they were sorry to see Pinchback go.

He had been general manager since 2006 and was in the job on an interim basis for 18 months before that. "During his tenure, the station posted record fund-drives and its highest audience, breaking into the Top 30 public radio stations in the country," an announcement said at the time.


Anonymous MonkeyMuffins said...

No big loss.

Ever since WBAI (the local Pacifica station in my neck of the woods) became conspiradroid central (no doubt why Sam "I loves me some conspiracy theories" Smith loves Pacifica so much) I've been hoping it would fold.

When you tune into WBAI these days it's a good bet you'll be offended by exceptionally childish garbage about their two favorite wacky, easily debunked conspiracy theories: The North American Union and Nine Eleven Was An Inside Job.

It would be pathetically humorous if it weren't so counterproductively virile and vile.

July 5, 2009 5:51 PM  
Anonymous MonkeyMuffins said...

CORRECTION: "virile and vile" should have read "viral and vile"

Although the "of, pertaining to, or capable of procreation" definition of "virile" has meaning in the same context.

July 5, 2009 5:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it maybe be best if they would go away. WPFW ,here in Wash. D.C. is about everything but the problems of the people of D.C. I get more "progressive" news and thoughtfull info from cnn. Pacifica stations are allied with Epstein and Becker an anti-labor law frim.

July 19, 2009 6:36 PM  

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