Monday, July 6, 2009


Don't Tase Me Bro' - According to Cedric Glover, mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana, his cops "have a power that . . . the President of these Unites States does not have": His cops can take away your rights.

And would you like to guess which rights he has in mind?

Just ask Shreveport resident Robert Baillio, who got pulled over for having two pro-gun bumper stickers on the back of his truck -- and had his gun confiscated.

While the officer who pulled him over says Baillio failed to use his turn signal, the only questions he had for Baillio concerned guns: Whether he had a gun, where the gun was, and if he was a member of the NRA. No requests for a driver's license, proof of insurance, or vehicle registration -- and no discussion of a turn signal.

Accordingly, Baillio told the officer the truth, which led the police officer to search his car without permission and confiscate his gun.

However, not only does Louisiana law allow resident to drive with loaded weapons in their vehicles, but Mr. Baillio possessed a concealed carry license.

What does such behavior demonstrate, other than transparent political profiling -- going so far as to use the infamous Department of Homeland Security report on "Americans of a rightwing persuasion" as a how-to guidebook, no less?. . .

When Baillio asked the officer if everyone he pulls over gets the same treatment, the officer said no and pointed to the back of his truck.


At February 12, 2010 10:59 AM, Blogger spiritusdomus said...

buddy, wake up. anybody can make a false claim on you and the liberal police here in st Tammanny parish will issue a warrant for your arrest. no questions asked. no proof other than the other person's. they don't take into account that the other person may be lying. no one would ever do that. and if they got caught, it would be a misunderstanding. police officers no matter where have a mentality that they can do whatever the P.C. environment dictates.


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