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July 11, 2009


The Local -Sweden's four national newspapers plan to boycott Britney Spears' upcoming concert in Stockholm to protest what they see as unreasonable demands for the use of pictures taken at the concert.

"If they don't rip up the contract, we're not going to take any pictures," Roger Turesson, the photo editor at Dagens Nyhter, told the newspaper.

Turesson's counterparts at Svenska Dagbladet (SvD), Expressen, and Aftonbladet have also agreed to keep their photographers away from the concert, set to take place at Stockholm's Ericsson Globe Arena on July 13th.

In the contract presented to media outlets wishing to take pictures of the concert, arrangers included a number of extraordinary restrictions.

Among other things, they demand that pictures from the concert not be published after 30 days and that no pictures be offered for resale.

In addition, the contract prohibits papers from publishing pictures of Spears which arrangers deem unflattering and states that the US pop star be given ownership rights to the pictures her management finds favorable.

"We never agree to give up ownership rights to our own material," said SvD photo editor Joakim Stahl.

Concert arrangers AEG Live claim they are merely passing along a contract which originated from Spears' management and that it is the blonde pop diva herself who sets the conditions.

"I think it's equally frustrating every time I have to send out a contract like this," said AEG Live spokesperson Louise Vanerell. . .

Upon learning of the actions of the Swedish colleagues, photographers in Denmark on Friday said they were ready to boycott the Britney Spears concert due to take place this Saturday in Copenhagen in a display of Scandinavian solidarity.

"On behalf of the Danish press as we have chosen the same procedure," Claus Lunde, photo editor of Denmark's Ekstra Bladet newspaper, told The Local.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When society shows its adoration by heaping enormous wealth on a celebrity (or anybody else), it isn't a loving act. Being in possession of extreme wealth gives you the power to succumb to your own worst ideas.

Britney was gifted with a beautiful face and body and a talented voice, but society loves to build up "heroes" and "icons" - and then tear them to shreds if and when they screw up. When it was obvious the poor young woman needed mental-health HELP, society went on a feeding frenzy and could hardly devour her fast enough.

May you sing and dance and learn to be at peace with yourself, Britney - and stop ADVER-TAZING yourself so much.

And may society find unhurtful ways to adore those they adore.

July 14, 2009 9:33 AM  

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