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July 29, 2009


The Sun, UK - Smart car owners have been left smarting over a new craze - for chucking their motors into canals. Dutch pranksters in Amsterdam have dumped dozens of the tiny two-seater cars into the city's waterways. And now police fear the bizarre trend will spread to the UK and the rest of Europe.

Eco-friendly Smart cars are small enough to be picked up by just a few people and dumped into the Dutch capital's canals, reports De Telegraaf newspaper.

One Smart sales worker said: "We're not supposed to talk about this because the police don't want the craze to spread but we've had quite a few drowned cars returned to us."

Which brings to mind the time many years ago when your editor was helping three other guys lift a Volkswagon onto a sidewalk near Harvard Square one evening for no good purpose. A Cambridge cop happened along and one of the co-conspirators quickly and politely asked, "Officer, we found this car on the sidewalk and could you help us put it back on the street" He did.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One summer during college (I won't say how many years ago) I served as a dorm resident advisor for a high school theater workshop. One morning the students started making cryptic remarks about me having had a wild night, and difficulty parking. It took a lot of questioning before they finally admitted to having moved my small Datsun from its parking place to the sidewalk. Sadly for both them and some unknown owner of a similar vehicle, my car was exactly where I had left it.

July 30, 2009 1:34 PM  

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