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August 14, 2009


GGuardian, UK - You may not be able to attend Harvard, but now at least you can wear the clothes. University fashion ranges typically consist of nothing more than scratchy jumpers and polo shirts emblazoned with a crest and the wearer's comedy nickname. But Harvard, the oldest university in the United States, does things differently. . .

The collection, Harvard Yard, is named after the park at the centre of the campus, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is made up of preppy American classics - think tailored chinos, Liberty prints, short-sleeved check shirts, striped blazers, waistcoats, knitwear, coats and loafers.

The pieces will not, however, be emblazoned with the university logo. Instead the institution's color, crimson, will feature as subtle trim on button holes and zips. Prices are out of reach of most students, starting at $165) for a pair of trousers, and going up to $495 for a coat. . .

Harvard has signed a 10-year licensing deal with the garment manufacturer Wearwolf Group. Jeffrey Wolf, the firm's executive vice-president, told the online fashion site WWD.com: "We thought Harvard had a rich and authentic connection to this particular style."


Blogger lodesterre said...

How so very perfect! Now you can look as if you went there without the cost of a degree. There was a reason old school ties were called old school ties. Thanks but no thanks, Harvard, I have done nicely without you.

August 14, 2009 11:57 AM  

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