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August 18, 2009


BBC - When the residents of Otisfield in Maine received a notice warning them that their mailbox was going to be removed, they blocked the box in with a digger and a snowplow and threatened to chain themselves to it.. . . After their battle made local and national news, the town was granted a reprieve. The David and Goliath battle between the residents of Otisfield and the US government corporation struck a chord with people worldwide. The town has been deluged with messages of support, along with requests for advice from communities facing similar battles. The first mailbox appeared on an American street in 1858. . . The volume of mail posted by Americans the year is undergoing a record collapse, predicted to be down by 20 billion pieces in 2009, which would be the single biggest decline in the USPS's 234-year history. . . The declines are expected to accelerate, with a predicted fall from the high of 213 billion pieces of mail in 2006 to a projected 170 billion pieces in 2010.


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