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August 18, 2009


NY Times - The White House has indicated that it could accept a nonprofit health care cooperative as an alternative to a new government insurance plan, originally favored by President Obama. But the co-op idea is so ill defined that no one knows exactly what it would look like or how effectively it would compete with commercial insurers. What is certain is that, as a substitute for a government plan, the co-op concept disappoints many liberals and stirs little enthusiasm among insurers or Republican lawmakers. And as the White House signaled its flexibility, a contentious debate over the merits of a public plan versus co-ops began playing out in the Democratic Party. Aides to Mr. Obama tried to tamp down concern on the left by emphasizing that the president still supported the idea of a public plan and had not decided whether to drop it. Some lawmakers said the White House had sent mixed signals, confusing friend and foe alike on Capitol Hill.


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