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August 21, 2009


Mort Mintz, Nieman Watchdog - "We have to control the rate of increase in health care costs," the chief executive officer of Aetna Inc., told Judy Woodruff the other evening on the News Hour with Jim Lehrer. Woodruff didn't mention a glaringly obvious way for Ronald A. Williams and his counterparts in the health-insurance industry to slow the rise in those costs: slashing their exorbitant compensation. "Anyone who wants to know why health insurance is so expensive need look no further than the insurance company proxy statements," Frank Schneider, of Chicago, wrote in the current issue of The Progressive Populist. According to the latest statement, United Healthcare paid its CEO, Stephen Hemsley, $3,241,042 in 2008," Schneider said in a letter to the editor. "But don't shed a tear; he was paid $13,164,529 in 2007. . . The top five executives of the half dozen of the largest health insurance companies took home $169,837,696 in 2008. And that was a bad year for executives, with the collapsing stock market."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We really, Really need a Single Payer Public Health Care System here in the U.S.

August 25, 2009 9:29 AM  

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