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August 26, 2009


NY Daily News - Former big bucks Democratic fund-raiser Hassan Nemazee was arrested for lying to get a $74 million loan - even though he gave back the cash. The feds say the financier secured the loan from Citibank by forging documents purporting to show he had hundreds of millions of dollars stashed away in various accounts. The Democratic moneyman was busted at Newark Liberty International Airport as he was about to jet off on an Italian vacation. Monday afternoon, the Iranian-American financier had wired the $74 million to Citibank, Manhattan federal prosecutors say. By then, it was too late. The former national finance chairman for Hillary Clinton's failed presidential bid and a major donor to President Obama faces 30 years in prison.

TPM Muckraker - A Justice Department press release offers details on the alleged scheme: "Specifically, the various accounts referenced in the fraudulent documents that Nemazee submitted, and caused to be submitted to Citibank either never existed or had been closed years before he submitted the documents referencing those accounts. Furthermore, on many of the documents at issue, Nemazee falsely provided as the address and telephone numbers of various financial institutions purportedly vouching for his financial strength an address and telephone number that was, in fact, controlled by Nemazee. As a result, in the event anyone at Citibank made an effort to confirm the existence of the assets reflected on the fraudulent documents submitted by Nemazee, they would in fact be contacting a telephone number assigned to Nemazee himself, and not any financial institution."



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