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August 16, 2009


DW, Germany - Mystery continues to swirl around the disappearance of the Arctic Sea, a Finnish freighter with a Russian crew. The latest reports have the hijackers demanding a ransom. Finnish media said that a ransom demand had been received from the people who hijacked the freighter "Arctic Sea". According to the Financial Times Deutschland, the hijackers have demanded a ransom of $1.5 million, but have not revealed the source of this information. . . Over the weekend, reports had the freighter in the neighborhood of the Cape Verde Islands off the west coast of Africa, as well as in the Bay of Biscay near France. A French navy spokesman Jerome Baroe dismissed the report that the "Arctic Sea" was off the coast of France and said it was most likely that the ship was headed for Brazil. Mikhail Boytenko, the editor of Sovfrakht was of the opinion that there was something a lot more sinister going on."I don't think that is was pirates who took this vessel but it really smells of some sort of state involvement. This is real cloak and dagger stuff, like a le Carre novel," he said according to Reuters.


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