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August 25, 2009


Raw Story - A CIA inspector general report reveals that "prolonged diapering" was on the agency's list of approved "enhanced" interrogation techniques. The revelation is in Appendix F, included in the IG's report on page 149, as part of a set of guidelines for "medical and psychological support to detainee interrogations." The document is dated Sept. 4, 2003.

According to American Civil Liberties Union staff attorney Jameel Jaffer, this is the first document released publicly which categorizes diapering as an enhanced interrogation technique. Another ACLU source told Raw Story that while they are familiar with the use of diapers on clients being transported, this is "news to us."

The document in Appendix F of the IG report reads: "Captured terrorists turned over to the CIA may be subjected to a wide range of legally sanctioned techniques, all of which are used on U.S. military personnel in SERE training programs. They are designed to psychologically 'dislocate' the detainee, maximizing his feelings of vulnerability and helplessness, and reduce or eliminate his will to resist our efforts to obtain critical intelligence."

The list, organized in "ascending degree of intensity," says the following were approved standard measures "without physical or substantial psychological pressure":

White noise or loud music (at a decibel level that will not damage hearing) Continuous light or darkness
Uncomfortably cool environment
Restricted diet, including reduced caloric intake (sufficient to maintain general health)
Water dousing
Sleep deprivation (up to 72 hours)

A second list of "enhanced" measures "with physical or psychological pressure beyond the above" reads:

Attention grasp
Facial hold
Insult (facial) slap
Abdominal slap
Prolonged diapering
Sleep deprivation (over 72 hours)
Stress positions - On knees, body slanted forward or backward - Leaning with forehead on wall
Cramped confinement


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