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August 17, 2009


Progressive Review - The crime capital of mid-coast Maine, Topsham - with a population of 9,100 - will be getting tasers for its police. Topsham suffers six personal crimes each year for every 10,000 citizens, less than one sixth as many as in Portland, Maine, and less than five percent per 10,000 as Boston, MA. In this part of Maine, however, people are considered more hazardous than moose, even ones that break into an office building as happened recently. Instead of using a taser on the miscreant moose, it was tranquilized by two biologists from the state department on inland fisheries and wildlife. With two injections the animal was subdued and removed form the building on a tarp. But apparently the police don't consider that as much fun as tasers. Where is the money coming from to subdue humans? Counter intuitively, from the Obama stimulus package.


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