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August 21, 2009


Across the country a record number of Green Party candidates are running for office. There are currently 144 Green Party candidates running in local and state races, nearly ten more than at this point in 2005 and nearly 50 more than at this point in 2007. . . . Among them: Allan Brison is running for re-election as Alderman of New Haven, Connecticut. . . Cam Gordon is seeking re-election to the Minneaspolis, Minnesota City Council. Cam has received the endorsement of his local Green Party, a local Sierra Club chapter, the Minnesota Nurses Association, and several other area unions. Also: artist and anti-corporate activist Reverend Billy Talen is running for mayor of New York City. Earlier this week Billy's volunteers turned in over 18,000 signatures to get the Green Party on the ballot.


Blogger Peter J. Nickitas said...

Mr. Gordon's relationship with Democratic Mayor Rybak is the subject of an investigation by a local board on campaign practices.

Mr. Gordon has proved himself an establishment disappointment on the critical subject of police brutality.

The ostensibly democratic city of Minneapolis has no tolerance for Greens. One Green councilor was indicted, tried, and convicted of illegal campaign practices. The other was gerrymandered out of her job by another African-American city councilor who does nothing to shake up the establishment, and everything to please Caucasian machers at the expense of non-Caucasian constituents.

Find a better example of a Green candidate for office.

August 22, 2009 11:58 PM  

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