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August 21, 2009



Anonymous MonkeyMuffins said...

It's amazing how much respect I've lost for Sam Smith since it's a) become obvious that he's a Closet Conspiradroid hiding behind bylines from easily-debunked conspiracy-theory infotainment-sites (sites which feature crap like nine eleven was an inside job, swine flu is a New World Order for-profit conspiracy to kill and enslave, the North American union, and other stuff-and-nonsense which would make the John Birch Society blush with pride); and b) his insistence on framing Status Quobama's Sick Care Reform in the context of "rationing".

The issue is not "rationing" but the fact that Quobama's Sick Care Reform is all about big-money-interests with no concern--whatsoever--for We The People.

That's the issue.

Focusing on "rationing" misses the forest for the trees.

Paul Street and Bill Maher have written much better and more accurate pieces about Status Quobama and Sick Care Reform.

And Peter Singer has written eloquently about the reality of rationing in our Dollar Democracy (the more dollars you have, the more "democracy" you get). Mr. Singer is not, as Sam "sophistry" Smith has asserted, a "fan" of rationing. He is merely acknowledging the realities of our absurd Dollar Democracy and unsustainable economic system (religiously based on the myth of infinite growth on a finite planet). Singer understands that as long as the systemic status quo persists, rationing is unavoidable and inevitable.

By framing Status Quobama's Sick Care Reform in the context of "rationing", Mr. Smith (and the articles he references in this regard) lends credence and credibility to Quobama's unconscionable, criminal and Orwellian efforts.

August 21, 2009 11:41 PM  

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