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September 25, 2009


Global Post - One need only take a stroll down a Buenos Aires street to smell the connectivity. The Wi-Fi logo, signaling a wireless internet connection, is everywhere: in the windows of coffee shops and bars, the glass doors of hotel lobbies and gymnasiums - even on hair salons - and virtually all of the connections are free. There is Wi-Fi at gas stations, and Wi-Fi in the subway (and it actually works). At the Obelisk, the Washingtonesque monument marking the center of the city, a recent Wi-Fi sniff found 19 stray signals - and those are just the ones that made it across the 10 lanes of traffic on each side of one of the world's widest boulevards. Argentina's next-largest town, Rosario, wants to cover every city block with free wireless internet, using a combination of Wi-Fi and long-range WiMax technologies. The mayor bragged last year that he expected Rosario to become a "digital city" before San Francisco, Calif.


Blogger Julia said...

this is so freaking cool. I wish Portland, Maine had something like this...

September 27, 2009 8:41 PM  

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