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September 1, 2009


NBC Washington - As the school year gets under way at Howard University, one of the new faces on campus already has done enough work to rise to sophomore standing. And he’s only 14 years old. . .

The D.C. teen is Howard’s youngest student, having completed his high school requirements in just two years. His Howard classmates are shocked by his age and accomplishments, but many said they admire that and respect Ty for it. . .

“I wouldn’t knock down the offer to be president, like Barack Obama,” he said.

A political science major, Ty rose to sophomore standing with the help of community college classes and online courses. He plans to spend no more time as an undergrad than he did as a high school student. . . .

As a 3-year-old, Ty began to learn Chinese, giving him a leg up on his classmates -- and pretty much the vast majority of the rest of us -- when he started the first grade at 4 years old.


Blogger deborah said...

remember young man...my rights end where your nose begins, just as your rights end where my nose begins. Do no harm. Money isn't the root of all evil, it is the love of money. And if your not making mistakes that means your not doing anything. Everybody is rushing to the next moment...whats wrong with this moment? Life is a long trip, smell the roses along the way, pick a flowering weed and give it to someone and you have changed the world....their's.

September 2, 2009 12:08 AM  
Anonymous pay justice said...

The love of money is NOT the root of all evil. Loving having self-earned money is all good: it is as good as loving eating the vegetables you grew yourself.

The root of all evil is the love of having OTHER-EARNED money.

Humans MUST learn to make this vital, this utterly crucial distinction between self-earned and other-earned wealth!

This distinction is THE key to survival that has been missing from economics up 'til now.

September 5, 2009 11:01 AM  

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