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September 16, 2009


Editor's Weblog - An American Press Institute study which surveyed industry executives across the US and Canada reported that 58% of respondents are currently considering initiating paid access to their websites. . . Almost half of the respondents (49%) were undecided on a timescale for introducing paid online content, and when asked about whether revenue from charging online would significantly contribute to the future of newspapers, 51% thought it somewhat or very likely, the rest considering it unlikely or unknown. There is no consensus in the industry, therefore, on whether charging for online content is the best way forward or now. The paid online content approach that survey participants considered the most likely was a free homepage with headlines and access to story summaries, with the full text of stories behind a pay wall requiring a monthly subscription. Micropayments were far down the list with regards to how likely respondents said they were to use them, but the study made a case for their usefulness. People typically read 4 out of perhaps 40 newly available articles online on any given day, and therefore if they were paying for this they would be wasting 90% of the purchase price.


Anonymous m said...

Media moguls no smarter than the buggywhip manufacturers.

September 18, 2009 6:28 PM  

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