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September 2, 2009


NY Times - Matthew Jodrell, a jazz musician, was riding the subway home after a Sunday night performance in Lower Manhattan. Then he made the mistake of nodding off. "When the train went under water, I fell asleep, somewhere there around Queensboro Plaza," Mr. Jodrell said on Tuesday. "My pocket was slashed, but he did not manage to get my wallet. He was really slick. He must have slit my pants swiftly and quickly." The thief did not take Mr. Jodrell's money, but he did take two beloved brass instruments: a flugelhorn made in Switzerland and a Bach Stradivarius trumpet, together worth nearly $10,000. The thief moved so fast, Mr. Jodrell said, that he did not feel a thing. When he woke up, as the train approached the Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard stop, he saw that the black leather case holding the horns, as well as three mutes, three mouthpieces and other equipment, was gone from a spot on the floor between his legs.


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