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September 26, 2009


National Lawyers Guild - National Lawyers Guild members witnessed first-hand the unwarranted display and use of force by police in residential neighborhoods, often far from any protest activity. Police deployed chemical irritants, including CS gas, and long-range acoustic devices in residential neighborhoods on narrow streets where families and small children were exposed. Scores of riot police formed barricades at many intersections throughout neighborhoods miles away from the downtown area and the David Lawrence Convention Center. Outside the Courtyard Marriott in Shadyside, police deployed smoke bombs in the absence of protest activity, forcing bystanders and hotel residents to flee the area.

Later, while some protests were ending, riot-clad officers surrounded an area at the University of Pittsburgh, creating an ominous spectacle that some described as akin to Kent State. Guild legal observers witnessed police chasing and arresting many uninvolved students.

Among other questionable tactics, officers from dozens of law enforcement agencies lacked easily-identifiable badges, impeding citizens' ability to register complaints.

Heidi Boghosian, executive director of the National Lawyers Guild, said: "The small, paper armband badges that law enforcement are wearing are difficult to read, and many wore black chest coverings with absolutely no identifying information. We've seen many law enforcement personnel, including Pittsburgh Police Department officers, deliberately covering up the arm IDs by rolling their shirt sleeves up over them."


Anonymous love my Dad said...

My father used to say that you had to wash out as a pimp and a cab driver before you could be a cop.

September 26, 2009 8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The American Military and American Policemen have turned traitorous to the American people they took an oath to protect Americans and have, instead of standing up for the American people have committed Treason by standing up for the Elitist Foreign Offshore Bankers and the forces that have illegally taken over America, in an unfriendly Corporate Takeover as these same people were attending the G20 Summit!

The US Military has committed a crime infraction against the law known as: Posse Comitatus Act, 1878, U.S. federal law that makes it a crime to use the military as a domestic police force in the United States under most circumstances. The law was designed to end the use of federal troops to supervise elections in the post-Civil War South. The posse comitatus (from which the term posse derives) is the power or force of the county, and refers to citizens above the age of 15, who may be summoned by a sheriff to enforce the law. The act specifically prohibited the use of the U.S. army as a posse comitatus; the prohibition was later extended by legislation to the air force and by government directive to the marine corps and navy.

There are legal exceptions to the law, particularly in aspects of drug law enforcement, in emergency situations, and in cases of rebellion.
This was a peaceful protest by citizens proclaiming their First Ammendment Right to Disagree with the Foreign Governmental Proposals that were being put forward on American land and territory! Foreign Government bodies acting on USA territory or within USA's borderd is also illegal and Treasonous according to the constitution!

President Barack Obama chairing a Governmental position in or at and to do with the United Nations is an illegal act of Treason as well!

Isn’t it nice to know your own Military made up of our sons and daughters has turned into a bunch of Benedict Arnolds!!!! Shame on the American Military! It didn't take long for you to abolish your oaths! Don't worry the Elites are going to steal your pensions as well! When they are finished using you, they'll shoot you in the back of the head! Like all tyranical coup organizations have done throughout history to their troops! You are Traitors to America and it's people!

Striking children playing in their yards and harming childrens ear drums with sound cannons, sigging dogs on peaceful protestors exercising their First Right Ammendment - Freedom of Speech, shooting folks at close range with rubber bullets, using pepper spray and tear gas on students on University grounds who were not part of the protest what kind of actions are those from our military? Is that what we pay taxes for to support a terrorist military who has turned against the citizens of the country your supposed to represent? Does this look like a democracy to you? Is this how you now carry out your duty in the Republic of America?

Traitors every one of you! You can get away with your violence in Iraq and Afghanistan but you are on TV here in the States, how cowardly it looks to see a hunky soldier and soldiers manhandle a little woman? Real heroes aren't you? Do you know what Democracy is? Do you know what freedom is? Shame on you! To think Americans used to respect and look up to you!

When is the American justice system going to stand up to these criminals - charge them with their illegal offences and bring them up for trial and justice in the United States Courts? Or do the laws now only apply to the regular citizens of the United States, while the wealthy elite are aloud to violate the laws of the land and steal, rape and plunder?

M Btok

September 26, 2009 10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait just a minute, there ... a little harsh on cab drivers , aren't you?

Who would you trust more with your wallet or your civil rights, a Pittsburgh cop or a Pittsburgh cab driver ??

- John A. Joslin, ( ex-cabbie and ex- Detroit Police Academy cadet.)

September 27, 2009 3:20 PM  

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