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One of the weirdest ways to raise money is a polar plunge. Beth Dimond, public affairs coordinator of the Natural Resources Council of Maine, and a co-worker thought they'd better check out the rules before taking part.

The first rule, she notes, is: "Don't sign up to do the plunge. We wish we had known that rule sooner."

They found some other rules at

1. Strip down to a bathing suit. Wet clothes hold the cold water on your skin

2. Get in. Get out. Quick! Cold water can cause exhaustion and unconsciousness in as little as 15 minutes.

3. Don't ever dive; water could be shallow

4. Wear shoes to protect your feet in the water.

5. Beware of ice floating in the water . . . it will cut you

6. Don't completely submerge yourself; the cold water may be too shocking to the system

7. If you have heart problems you should consult your doctor before plunging

8. Don't run over fellow plungers on the way in or out of the water

9. Keep a look out for those in distress

10. Change into warm clothes as soon as possible after you leave the water

11. Finally, relish the fact that you have done something extraordinary! Enjoy yourself and stay healthy!

Leisa and Beth added a few rules of their own:

- Stay out of our way

- No photos unless they are of our faces only

- No splashing

- Did we mention. . . stay out of our way!

- No taunting the plungers

- If you are holding our towels and warm clothes. . . get as close to the water as possible.

- Don't speak to us for at least 10 minutes before the plunge or after

- Please be trained in CPR

- Never ask us to do this again!

- Bring us hot coffee and cocoa immediately!

- If you didn't take the plunge, we advise you not to say, “See. . . that wasn't so bad.” You may be harmed. . . by us and the floating ice. You might unexpectedly find you are taking the plunge. . . Round II.

- And finally…don't get in our way. We mean it!

And if you really want to encourage this sort of thing you can do so at NRCM.


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