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January 28, 2010


Philip Weiss, Mondoweiss - Ethan Bronner's son has joined the Israeli Defense Forces. Bronner is of course the Jerusalem bureau chief for the New York Times (and did not respond to my inquiry to him on the issue). [Electronic Intiofada] nailed the story with an email from Susan Chira of the Times: "Ethan Bronner referred your query to me, the foreign editor. Here is my comment: Mr. Bronner's son is a young adult who makes his own decisions. At The Times, we have found Mr. Bronner's coverage to be scrupulously fair and we are confident that will continue to be the case."

Paul Bedard, US News - On Inauguration Day just over a year ago, President Obama was buoyed by a very broad and rare coalition of hopeful Americans that included even Republican women. But in Year Two, he enters with the support of the small coalition of rich liberals, youth, and minorities that always backs center-left Democrats, according to Quinnipiac University pollster Peter Brown. Today's facts: Fifty-eight percent of younger voters approve of the president's job performance, in contrast with other age groups. Of liberals, 74 percent approve, and 49 percent of college grads do also. Men and women split their approval, 42 percent and 48 percent. And the white-black gap is up, with 36 percent of whites approving, compared with 87 percent of African-Americans.

Crains New York - Here is one paid model for online journalism that isn't exactly setting the world on fire: Nearly three months after Newsday put its Web site behind a pay wall, has attracted only 35 subscribers. In addition, traffic to the Long Island daily's site has dropped by half, according to Nielsen.

Scott Lamb, World Magzine - Here in my adopted home state of Kentucky, the Senate passed legislation that would require doctors "to show a woman an ultrasound image of her fetus and explain how it is developing before performing an abortion."

Newser - The UK has overhauled its family leave policy to put more British babies in their fathers' care as mothers play the role of breadwinner. Where previously mothers got nine months' leave and fathers only two weeks, families will now have the option of shifting the mother's last three months to the father, then tacking on three more unpaid months for a total of six months' paternity leave, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Fark Headlines of the day - Sensing an opportunity, Hillary Clinton says she won't serve two terms as Secretary of State and will have plenty of time from 2012 on if America wants her to do, you know, stuff . . . Portland City Hall evacuated due to burnt bagel, surrounding area put into lox down.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The UK has overhauled its family leave policy to put more British babies in their fathers' care as mothers play the role of breadwinner."

For years, Canada's parental leave system (federal) has allowed the leave to be taken by either parent or shared.

January 28, 2010 9:56 PM  

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