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The longtime national journal, Progressive Review, has moved its headquarters from Washington DC to Freeport, Maine, where its editor, Sam Smith, has long ties. This is a local edition dealing with Maine news and progressive politics.



According to the Muskie School, juvenile arrests have decreased by 64% since 1997, but arrests for drugs including alcohol have increased. Recidivism rates are also rising.

About 18 percent of Maine is now under conservation easements. That's 3.3 million acres and three times as much as was under easements in 2003.

Town of Yarmouth - Yarmouth is home to New England's largest American Elm Tree, known since the 1950s as "Herbie." Like so many American Elms, Herbie is finally succumbing to Dutch Elm Disease, an introduced fungus that is spread by bark beetles. After decades of diligent effort by volunteer Tree Wardens Frank Knight and Debbie Hopkins, Herbie will be removed in January 2010. Yarmouth has lost nearly 800 American Elm trees to this disease in the past fifty years, though none so grand as Herbie.
. . . On Monday, January 18th at 8am at the corner of East Main Street/Rte. 88 and Yankee Drive, the removal of the tree will begin.

MPBN - An artist known for his abstract expressionist style known as "Color Field" painting has died at his home in Port Clyde. Kenneth Noland, 85, died yesterday of cancer. Noland was one of the best-known painters in the Color Field style, which features large blocks of solid color. Noland painted concentric circles, chevrons, stripes and diamonds in vibrant hues. One of his works, a 1992 piece titled "Flares: Aside," hangs over the admissions desk at the Portland Museum of Art. . .

Bangor Daily News - The 2004 presidential election may seem like ancient political history to many by now. But if former candidate Ralph Nader has his way, some of the nasty, behind-the-scenes campaign tactics in the 2004 race for the White House will be re-aired later this year in, of all places, a courthouse in rural Washington County, Maine. Nader has filed a lawsuit in Washington County against the Democratic National Committee and its former leaders, the Maine Democratic Party, the Kerry-Edwards campaign and others alleging the defendants used illegal and malicious tactics to attempt to keep Nader off the ballot in Maine and more than a dozen other states.

State park attendance was up about 8 percent in Maine last year.

Photos of Maine child labor in the early 20th century

Kennebec Journal - Medical-marijuana supporters came to the State House to urge a task force to remember patients as they recommend changes to a voter-approved state law. Holding signs that said "Maine caregivers say no to agribusiness" and "Patients rights, not task force ignorance," they expressed concern over what they perceive to be heavy-handed proposals or foot-dragging by state government. Jonathan Leavitt -- who led the citizen initiative that voters approved with 59 percent of the vote on Nov. 3, 2009 -- said he would like post-traumatic stress disorder to be added to the list of conditions for which marijuana can be recommended by a doctor. . .And a woman from Starks who accompanied a 12-foot-tall puppet said small farmers should be allowed to grow the marijuana for the dispensaries or for patients. She declined to give her name, but described herself as a "radical criminal puppeteer."


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