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January 15, 2010


Sam Smith - The truly sad part of the 2008 election was that no matter which of the major Democratic candidates one supported, you were conned. The one that should have been easiest to spot was Hillary Clinton because of her long manipulative history. She was, after all, the first first lady to come under criminal investigation - and almost indicted according to one of the special prosecutors. Five of her fundraisers were convicted of, or pleaded no contest to, crimes. She, in providing testimony to Congress, said 250 times that didn't remember, didn't know, or something similar. And three of her close business partners ended up in prison, in one case with Hillary Clinton mentioned 35 times in the indictment.

As for Barack Obama, his campaign deceit and true inclinations are beginning to plague us on an almost daily basis.

Finally, there was John Edwards, the candidate with the best public policy but, as it turned out, a contemptuous personal life.. I, like many others, supported Edwards for his policies. Unlike most media, the Review actually reported the Enquirer story during the campaign exposing his infidelity, but hoping that it was wrong.

After all Edwards was dealing with topics that barely touched the lips of Obama-Clinton liberals. As I wrote as the time:

"One of the delusions of elite liberals is that that they lack prejudice. To be sure, they treat black, women and gays far better than once was the case. But if you are poor, uneducated, own a gun, weigh a lot, come from the South or mainly read the Bible it is another matter. Class and culture have replaced the genetic as acceptable targets.

"The 28% of the American adult population with college degrees defines the country's values, its policies, its laws, what is stylish and how you get to the top, including the White House. And what it has defined has exacted no small price from the remaining 72%. For example, just in the past eight years, the following have gotten significantly worse:

"Median income; number of manufacturing jobs; number of new private jobs, percent of workers with company based health insurance; poverty consumer credit debt; number of housing foreclosures; cost of heating oil & gas; number without health insurance; wages in manufacturing; income gap between rich and poor; wealth of the bottom 40% of americans; number of older families with pensions; number of workers covered by defined benefit pensions; hunger; use of soup kitchens; personal bankruptcies; and median rent"

And how did the liberal media treat this? When Edwards dropped out, Gawker declared, "John Edwards will end his 49th run for president Wednesday after failing to capitalize on his angry hobo-under-the-bridge message."

I wrote, "These sites, like much of elite America, are led by spoiled offspring of generations who had to struggle with just the sort of issues Edwards was trying to raise, but from which they now consider themselves immune by their education, status and cleverness."

That, of course, was just months before the collapse of the American economy.

The subsequent exposes of Edwards' behavior discredited himself he damaged all those who supported his stated cause and the cause itself.

I don't expect politicians to be particularly virtuous. I do, however, expect them to pay for their excesses and eccentricities by actions and legislation that helps others in the tradition, say, of Lyndon Johnson and Adam Clayton Powell. Instead, Edwards was so narcissistic that he not only ruined himself but cavalierly hurt a lot of others as well. As a result, what should have been a warning bell for a nation became a cacophony of personal disintegration.

I, like many others, feel betrayed by Edwards. I have no sympathy for him. He cheated not just his wife but a constituency trying to change America while there was still time.


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Blogger BuelahMan said...


Please erase your mind of this bogus Duopoly. None of those three you speak of are "liberal" by any stretch of the imagination.

Just because the hard right hijacked the reTHUGlicans, doesn't mean the demoRATs are left or even remotely liberal.

There is essentially no real difference between the two on matters of any importance.

January 15, 2010 3:09 PM  

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