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January 13, 2010


Megan Carpentier, Air America - From Sarah Palin denying funds to reimburse hospitals for performing forensic rape examinations to the 30 Senate Republicans who voted against allowing rape victims their day in court, the new Republican party tough-on-crime platform is, apparently, that rape victims ought to have rights, as long as they don't interfere with the rights of people in Wasilla who prefer lower taxes, businesses or super-devout Christians . . .

Scott Brown falls into, at a minimum, the latter camp. In 2005, he sponsored legislation to allow doctors and nurses to turn away rape victims from Massachusetts emergency rooms if they objected to providing rape victims with emergency contraception. . .

Brown, who probably has not been sexually assaulted, let alone driven by ambulance or police car to an emergency room only to be turned away by medical professionals who profess to value their religion over your physical health, thinks that laws governing the provision of government-funded services to victims of sexual assault aren't "about" the victim. It's about what makes the Christian medical professionals most comfortable. . .

If Brown wins the Senate, he'll be in good company, however. Senators from Mitch McConnell to noted prostitution enthusiast David Vitter all objected to legislation that would have forced U.S. contractors to allow their employees who are sexually assaulted to have their day in court on the grounds that it would inconvenience and possibly cost those companies money. We wouldn't want sexual assault to be inconvenient for other people, after all. As Scott Brown said, "It's not about the victim."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never forget that for every loving, open minded christian that you meet, there's always one of these guys to match them.

Try as hard as you want to reconcile christianity with human decency. But you'll just keep finding stories like this.

January 14, 2010 7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too want to spread my religion to EVERYONE. HE is the giver of life, no matter how immorally it may be conceived. God loves you all. God loves everyone - even the murder and the rapist. God detests sin. Salvation remains possible because nothing is impossible for God. The truth does not change. We are not capable of understand how every action is used to support the bigger plan that we do not know or see. Even something as tragic as a rape or the holocaust, somehow allows mercy and goodness to show through. I know this answer cannot convey all of the love and truth through our limited capacity to learn, to love and to understand. That is why we must have faith and why faith is a gift. I pray that the world be more enlightened and seek to see the larger picture instead of focusing on singular issue and comments with no eye towards the greater picture/ plan that inter connects us all.

January 23, 2010 8:10 PM  

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