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January 21, 2010


I awakened to discover I am living in a nation under enemy occupation

Richard Brennerman - I awakened this morning to discover I am living in nation under enemy occupation. It is an alien, inhuman, sovereign power that controls our military, and, increasingly, our schools, prisons, and many of the institutions of governance.

That alien power is the corporation, freshly empowered by today's Supreme Court's decision to remove any spending limits on their ability to influence elections. . .

Remember that corporate personhood began as a legal fiction, inserted by a clerk Bancroft Davis [a former railroad president] in the court's 1887 decision in County of Santa Clara v. Southern Pacific Railroad. . .

Did democracy in America die today?

Gary Ruskin, Green Change - The U.S. Supreme Court's decision today in Citizens United may bring an end to democracy in America. It is effectively a corporate coup d'etat.

By striking down a 103 year-old law that prohibits corporate contributions in federal elections, the court is allowing giant corporations and their massive stores of wealth to purchase elections at all levels of government. This decision will devastate the integrity and moral legitimacy of our government and our elected officials. It will bring more corruption than our nation has known in more than a century. . .

Starting today, large corporations will rule our country. Their money will dominate our elections and our elected officials, and will purchase more influence than we can imagine. Our nation's giant corporations have used our own Constitution against us to grab power for themselves. We should have no pretence that it is any other way.

Today's decision marks the beginnings of very dark times for our nation. It is hard to see how we will emerge from them. Obviously, we must work for constitutional amendments to remove corporate money from politics, and more broadly, to end corporate personhood. These will be exceedingly hard to win. But try we must. And it is only the beginning of what we must do.


Blogger Free SCV said...

"Today's decision marks the beginnings of very dark times for our nation. It is hard to see how we will emerge from them."

Well I believe it's time to "port" Linux style gpl (100% transparency by default and proper set up rules for "leaders").

Like Pirate Party going after copywrong legislation I believe Open Source Party using transparency and 360,000,000+ North Americans being interactive /w an iVote can battle these problems friend. :)

Depending on govt to set up the daily voting system? What? You say it's not in their interest?

That's ok! :P

Some 3rd party will come along, with open source coded servers strong!

Will give us a voice in these dark times.

You want an upgrade? Daily voting! If it's important every 5 YEARS just IMAGINE what every DAY would cause in the House of Commons/Senate... ;)

Anyways I bought for a Linux tribute! I thought the user interaction and random people all working on the projects THEY care about sounded perfect for these contract laws corps keep drafting up and buying through congress.

Open Source Government
Sure as hell worked Linux!

(so ya, the battle will be tough but remember, you got 359,000,999 OTHER people also looking at how this broken "democracy" can be fixed RIGHT up ;)

January 23, 2010 9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You suck.

For STARTERS! Still linking to the alarmist BS, though, Sam. I thought you were 'outside the consensus' but I was wrong.

January 24, 2010 3:45 AM  

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