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February 3, 2010


National Enquirier - Johnny Carson was so convinced his second wife was bedding football great Frank Gifford, he mounted an undercover mission to catch her cheating. That's the shocking revelation from Johnny's former attorney and longtime confidant Henry Bushkin - who also claims the popular Tonight Show host cracked jokes about the New York Giant-turned-broadcaster to hide his grief and went on a drinking binge after finding the evidence he believed pointed to an affair. "Why Frank Gifford?" the comic asked, according to a book proposal by Bushkin. "What's that (bleep) got that I don't have? That guy plays three positions on the field. I could never get Joanne to go for more than two!" Joanne, whose nine-year marriage to Johnny ended in 1972, has dismissed the story as "a nice piece of fiction."

TMZ - Something was rotten in the state of Arizona ... and it was the carcasses of two dead giraffes previously owned by Michael Jackson. TMZ has learned the bodies of Rambo and JJ were at the center of a raging conflict in Page, Arizona because locals complained that the bodies stunk up the town. As we previously reported, the animals died last November and last month respectively and were buried on the Banjoko Wildlife Preserve where they had lived since 2006. But after several complaints were lodged with the City of Page, the preserve's founder Freddie Hancock was ordered to dig up the carcasses from their burial plots and relocate them somewhere else. In addition to moving the dead giraffes, the city also ordered Hancock to move MJ's two other live giraffes -- Princess and Annie Sue -- off the property for good.Hancock tells TMZ the dead giraffes were reburied in a private, undisclosed location outside of the preserve last Thursday. As for the two living giraffes, Hancock won't tell us where they moved them -- but she did say they're no longer in Arizona.

National Enquirer - Tiger Woods hit the roof when he found out he had to take a lie detector test during his sex addiction therapy - and spiraled into a nightmare of anxiety, sleepless nights and medication

NY Daily News - Rep. Charles Rangel's ongoing ethics probe is taking a serious toll - on his campaign war chest. In the last three months of 2009 alone, Rangel shelled out $574,348 on lawyers, according to his latest federal election filings. That's 84% of his total campaign spending during the same period. Ever since Rangel ran afoul of several ethical rules last year - from unreported income on a Dominican Republic villa to using office letterhead to raise money - his five teams of lawyers have chewed through campaign cash faster than Rangel can raise it.

National Enquirer - Cancer-stricken Elizabeth Edwards is telling pals that John beat her during a horrific marriage-ending fight, The Enquirer has learned exclusively. "John lost his temper big-time," revealed a close friend of Elizabeth. "She has the divorce papers drawn up, but she can amend them to charge John with domestic violence. "She's holding that over his head right now - and he's scared. Elizabeth is in control."

Radar - Fox head Rupert Murdoch said there are "different opinions" circulating at the network whether to sign Conan O'Brien, but if network execs come to the conclusion he would be a ratings moneymaker, they would ink him "in a flash.". . . Fox has tried in the past to compete in the late night talk medium with little success, as programs hosted by Chevy Chase (1993) and Joan Rivers (1986-1987) were cancelled within a year of their debut.


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