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Undernews is the online report of the Progressive Review, edited by Sam Smith, who covered Washington during all or part of ten of America's presidencies and who has edited alternative journals since 1964. The Review, which has been on the web since 1995, is now published from Freeport, Maine. We get over 5 million article visits a year. See for full contents of our site

March 24, 2010


POLTICIAL WIRE - A new CNN poll finds that Americans oppose the current health care reform plan passed by Congesss, 59 to 39%. However, parsing the numbers shows that many of those against the plan actually oppose it because "it is not liberal enough." In fact, 52% of Americans either support the current legislation or think it should be more liberal, while only 43% oppose the plan saying it is "too liberal."

INTERNET SIGHTINGS - I yield the last 62 characters of this tweet to the gentleman from California. - ironicsans

NY TIMES - Under Stewart Udall's leadership from 1961 through 1968, the Interior Department aggressively promoted an expansion of public lands and helped win enactment of major environmental laws, including ones to protect endangered species. Udall [who died this week at the age of 90] helped write several of the most far-reaching pieces of legislation, including the Wilderness Act of 1964. More than 60 additions were made to the National Park system during the Udall years, including Canyonlands National Park in Utah, North Cascades National Park in Washington, Redwood National Park in California and the Appalachian National Scenic Trail stretching from Georgia to Maine.

INTERNET SIGHTINGS - It's always a tad annoying when a computer tells you to be patient. I lived through the 90s, computer, you have no idea. - apelad

THE HILL - Some people name their yachts after their wives. But for Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon, naming her boat was a bit more personal. The "Sexy Bitch" is McMahon's 47 foot speedboat. . . The campaign of Rep. Rob Simmons (R-Conn.), who is running against McMahon in the Senate GOP primary, emailed a column about the boat's name to reporters on Friday. . . Former Sen. Gary Hart (D-Colo.) had a yacht infamously named Monkey Business, which, photos later revealed, is exactly what the married lawmaker was engaging in with model Donna Rice.


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