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March 3, 2010


DCIST - If you and your partner wanted to be among the first to file for a same-sex marriage license in the District of Columbia, you needed to get up pretty early this morning. Angelisa Young and Sinjolya Townsend, officially the first couple in line today at the H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse's Marriage Bureau office, arrived at 6 a.m., ready to wait. As patiently as they could, anyway. . . ."

During a conference call hosted by the Human Rights Campaign, Young told reporters she could envision herself walking out of the courthouse and dancing. It was a little too cold, windy and damp for dancing on Wednesday morning, as it turned out, but there were plenty of hugs, kisses and excited hand squeezes between the two D.C. residents. They plan to be married March 9.

Reggie Stanley and Rocky Galloway were the second couple in line today, though Galloway didn't get there quite as early as his future husband -- Stanley arrived shortly after 6 a.m. to hold their place in line, while Galloway strolled in at 7:15.

"We have kids, so you know, someone had to take care of the kids," Galloway said. The couple also expect to be married on March 9, somewhere in Northwest D.C.

From Mark Segraves WTOP Twitter reports:

Once you get here court staff gives you a number so you don't have to stay in line. @ 8 30 the office doors will open.

Doors open in 5 minutes. So far 45 couples are waiting.

Reporters have been let into the marriage bureau office. Each time a person walks in an auto doorbell rings. That's going to get annoying.

As first couple begins doing paperwork they started to cry.

Some couples are loaning others cash if they forgot the court won't take credit cards

Now 60 couples in line for marriage license. First couple still doing paperwork.

So far the court only has two intake stations open instead of the promissed 5. So the process is very slow. First couples still in process

Organizers from HRC are coordinating couples so the first few leave the courthouse together holding hands. The photogs will be very happy.

All of the info on application has to be enyered into a computer. And that takes some time. First couples still in process.

A computer glitch has brought the process to a crawl. Staff just apologized. They hope to have it fixed soon.


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