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Black unemployment at record low but still nearly double that of whites 2018


175 mayors support Paris accords 2017


Jobless claims hit 48 year low 2018

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the share of jobless African Americans in the labor force fell to 7.1%, the lowest level since April 2000. It was 1.5 percentage points down from a year ago 2018

The typical household’s income rose more from 2014 to 2016 than in any other two-year period on record, poverty declined significantly, and the share of Americans without health insurance fell to a record low. This marks the first time on record, with data back to 1988, that all three measures of well-being improved for two years in a row. 2017

The unemployment rate hit a 16-year low in May 2017

Unemployment filings at lowest since 1973 2017


Solar energy booming 2017

Wind and solar hits record ten percent of American power 2017


Cancer death rate dropping 2018

Breast cancer death rates drop almot 40% 2017


Number of housing sales highest in ten years 2017


NYC's success in cutting crime 2018


Jobless claims near 45 year low 2018

13 states reach record low unemployment rates 2017


Latino unemployment rate at historic low 2017


Nearly two thirds of Americans want marijuana to be legal 2017


Breitbart loses its advertisers 2017


In Kansas, even Republicans revolted against tax breaks for the rich 2017


Millennials turn left 2017

Angry young upset British election 2017

How a far left candidate won in a red state 2017

Americans hold liberal views on most moral issues 2017


Religious progressives are back in the game 2017



Defense secretary admits we're not winning in 16 year old Afghan war 2017

The endless war in Afghanstan 2017


42% of major cities have more renters than homeowners


Slashdot - Major hurricanes and wildfires fueled a record year for costs related to natural disasters in the United States, according to a new report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. That report also said 2017 was the third-warmest year in 123 years of record keeping, behind only 2014 and 2012. Natural disasters in the United States cost more than $300 million last year, far surpassing the previous record of $214.8 billion set in 2005,

The year climate change spunn out of control

Sea level already becoming an urban factor 2018

The Antarctic's melting threat to the rest of the world 2017

Climate change becoming serious public health problem 2017


Americans less happy with more pain 2017


37% of Gen Xers say they can't afford to retire

More than 8,000 store closures were announced in 2017

Minimum wage rises in 18 states 2018

Top one percent own 40% of nation's wealth 2017

Rural counties not recovering well from recession

Blacks and latinos headed for zero median wealth 2017

Black families makng less than i 2000 2017

Radio Shack closes 1000 stores 2017

Big drop off in new businesses 2017

In a recent GoBankingRates study, 69% of adults admitted to having less than $1,000 in the bank, while 34% said they actually don't have any savings at all. 2017

69% of American adults have less than $1000 in bank 2017

Nearly two thirds of Americans plan to work past retirement age 2017


For profit charter schools do worse 2017


Transportation replaces power as top source of CO2 emissions

The Arctic as we know it is no more 2018

Number of flying insects have collapsed by three quarters 2017

Tenth of global wilderness lost in past 20 years 2017


Blacks three times as likely to be killed by cops than whites 2017

Ethnic wealth gap growing 2017


A quarter of Americans oppose a free press 2017

Young losing interest in freedom 2017

The civil rights and anti-Vietnam war protests might be illegal today 2017


US life expectancy falls for second year in a row 2018

US healthcare expenditures per capita are double the OECD average and much higher than in all other countries. But there are many fewer doctors and hospital beds per person than the OECD average.

• US infant mortality rates are the highest in the developed world.

• Americans can expect to live shorter and sicker lives, compared to people living in any other rich democracy, and the “health gap” between the US and its peer countries continues to grow.

• The US has the highest prevalence of obesity in the developed world.

• In terms of access to water and sanitation the US ranks 36th in the world. 2018

Out of pocket health spending greatest in decade 2017


42% of major cities have more renters than homeowners 2018

Homelessness increases 2017

The tough state of renters 2017


The youth poverty rate in the United States is the highest across the OECD with one quarter of youth living in poverty compared to less than 14% across the OECD. 2018

Estimated portion of Americans born in 1980 who will go on to earn more than their parents did : 1/2 Of those born in 1940 who did : 9/10 2017


America has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Its rate is nearly five times the OECD average. 2018


The Labor Force Participation Rate shows the percentage of the working-age population currently working, based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data…

In Jan. 2000, the LFP Rate was 67.3%
In Jan. 2018, the LFP Rate was 62.7%

It gets much worse when you consider that roughly 12 million well-paying full-time jobs have been eliminated and replaced with either part-time or below “living wage” full-time jobs that do not provide healthcare benefits.

Also consider this…

- In 2000, there were 168 million more people than full-time jobs (282 million population, 114 million full-time jobs).

- In 2018, there are 201 million more people than full-time jobs (327 million population, 126 million full-time jobs).

...Also consider that the “poverty” rate is another outrageously fraudulent government statistic, with constantly “tweaked” methodology, which is built off the ultimate fraudulent statistic, aka the “inflation” rate.

The shrinking job market 2017

Young Americans earn less than in 1975 2017

Social progress

US ranked 18th in social progress 2017


How Trump plans to hurt the food stamp program 2017

How Trump is sabotaging the American healthcare system 2017

Trump's public works scam 2017

Trump wants to kill train service for 140 million Americans 2017


The war on terror has cost $250 million a day for 16 years 2018


When you compare the actual cost of living to income, 50% of the U.S. population is presently living in poverty.

Roughly 1/3 of the population has a negative net worth.

Only about 25% generate enough income to cover living expenses without taking on more debt. 2018