DC RESIDENTS pay more per capita in federal taxes than all but two states. Further, DC residents serve in Iraq at a higher rate than all but three states.

DIRECT FEDERAL EXPENDITURES IN DC - $33.5 billion [Census 2000]

BRIAN DEBOSE, WASH TIMES - The D.C. government pays 575 managers more than $100,000 a year - up from 301 employees in 1999, when Mayor Anthony A. Williams took office. The $100,000 salaries total more than $60 million annually, out of the $1.6 billion the city spends on salaries each year for its 34,000 workers. The mayor, who makes $125,000 a year, and D.C. Council members, who make at least $92,000, have pointed at each other - and elsewhere - to explain why one of every 68 city workers now makes more than $100,000 a year.

During a recent luncheon with editors and reporters at The Washington Times, Mr. Williams said 261 of the city's highly paid managers work in independent agencies - such as the Public Service Commission, the Office of the People's Counsel, D.C. public schools and the Office of the Chief Financial Officer among others. In fact, the D.C. government's highest-paid manager, Bobby Goldwater, earns $250,000 as executive director of the independent Sports and Entertainment Commission.

According to documents obtained by The Times, at least 30 public-school workers make more than $100,000 a year - including Superintendent Paul L. Vance, who earns $175,000, and five principals who earn a total of more than $523,000. . .

City officials have said the District must offer competitive salaries to attract top candidates for city jobs. But the number of D.C. jobs - especially the ones with $100,000 salaries - far exceeds that of Baltimore, a similarly sized city 37 miles north of the District. Only 34 city government workers earn more than $100,000.

Even the state of Wyoming, with its D.C.-sized population of 493,782, has only 41 employees among its 9,100-member government work force who earn more than $100,000 a year - including the governor, 24 judges, eight psychiatrists, six doctors and two agency directors.

THE MAYOR'S projected deficit for next year is the largest since the administration of Sharon Pratt Kelly ($325 million for 2003 vs. $335 million for 1994]. Contrary to popular myth, Barry in the ten years prior to going to jail balanced his budgets eight times producing a $14 million deficit in 1988 and a $118 million deficit in 1990. Barry did this without the various federal budget takeovers that helped to bail the city out in the late 1990s. 9/02


What various non-profits in DC would be paying in property taxes if, in fact, they actually paid property taxes:

George Washington University and Hospital: $11,744,553
International Bank for Recon and Dev $8,583,022
Georgetown University and Hospital $8,489,768
Howard University $8,221,730
International Finance Corporation $4,971,353
American University $3,996,393
Washington Hospital Center $3,852,237
National Cathedral $3,028,855
Inter-American Development Bank $2,822,461
Catholic University of America $2,694,233

1988 47,764
1995 40,495
1997 33,436

Number of DC residents per DC government employee, 1972: 18
Number of DC residents per DC government employee, 2001: 18