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The mass media do not transmit ideologies; they are themselves an ideology. - Umberto Eco

American newspapers lose 60% of their jobs

TV still leads as news source

Trump would suppress free media

Press giving up on First Amendment

NPR would have prohibited journalistic criticism of Hitler

The decline of the magazine

The fall of newspapers

What it's like to cover the Trump campaign

Our loss with the Al Jazeera shutdown

How the White House influences columnists


The end of Rush Limbaugh?

From our overstocked archives: Battery operated tape recorders

How fawning journalists helped to create Hitler

Small and large newspapers hold on to jobs

The seldom mentioned factor in American violence

Journalists against the truth

Print news taking huge hits

Word; Seymour Hersh

Interest in cable news falling

What you may have missed over the past decade

Pultizer Prize winner quits journalism to pay rent

Infrequently asked questions: What if Washington journalists quoting the White House and public figures elsewhere in the capital were held to the same standards of confirmation that the Columbia Journalism School prescribed for Rolling Stone? Would we, for example, have avoided the Iraq war?

The greedsters strike again

Social media and news

Major media like torture

Millenials turn from TV to streaming

Word: When zillionaires take over media

The real New Republic story

New Republic's neoliberalism comes back to haunt it

New Republic staff quits en masse

A guide to the nation's major newspapers

How the mass media rigs political debate

Obama's war against a free press

Who's paying those pro-war pundits?

LA Times reporter cleared stories with CIA

Major media censors labor out of talk shows

Word: The media and war

Time Inc rates writers based on how "beneficial" they are to advertisers

Media monopolies swallowing the news

EPA doesn't talk with reporters

The two great lives of Nat Hentoff

The collapse of investigative journalism

American media coverage of Israel

Cable news losing viewers

Mainstream media is struggling

Rush Limbaugh bombs on California radio

If social media had been around when the Lewinsky matter arose

Journalists have become afraid to make trouble

Some things to know about journalists

CBS hires former acting CIA director as "senior security correspondent"

Passings: Chuck Stone

The photos of Anja Niedringhaus


US has 4-6 public relations specialists for each journalist

@pewtrusts - Full time newsroom jobs in 2012 slipped to 38,000, lowest since 1978

Our pro-war major media

NSA's threat to a free press

Why the Barrett Brown case is important for all journalists

FCC's outlandish inteference with free media

Mass media ignores TPP debate

How the mainstream media helped create the Christie myth


Reorganizing the radio bands

Word: Media dumping local coverage

Big TV news avoids mention of climate change

60 Minutes sells out to NSA

Britain moves closer to dictatorship with threat to treat reporters as terrorists

The rise of low power FM stations

“The Denver Post is hiring an editor to oversee the development and maintenance of a recreational marijuana website. Current employees should express interest in the position by contacting news editor...”

Bloomberg fires reporters who uncovered Chinese corruption

Something to bear in mind while reading Washington Post editorials

British prime minister threatens Guardian and other pubs for telling the truth

Mass media as an historical aberration

Appeals court rules against press exposing government's wrongdoing

Norwegians get to watch endless hours of knitting on TV

Seymour Hersh takes on the media

Bookshelf: Confessions of a Guerilla Writer

Another reporter may go to prison for doing her job

Diane Feinstein wants government to determine who is a journalist

Feinstein, Durbin, and Schumer assault free press

Q: What did we used to call long form journalism?
A: Journalism

Britain joins Obama regime's war on a free press

CNBC, Fox use copyright law to censor news about their bad coverage

Why Newsroom is hard to follow: Finally figured out why the Newsroom plot is so hard to follow. It's the first TV script written entirely on Twitter.

Editorial cartooning is disappearing

Iowa charges newspaper $32,000 for information on children kept in solitary confinement

Editor of Progressive Magazine arrested by Scott Walker's cops

Tina Brown available for another colorful failure

Red Sox owner pays more for second baseman than for Boston Globe

Journalists who like NSA more than the Constitution

  • David Gregory
  • Matt Miller
  • David Brooks
  • Richard Cohen
  • Chris Matthews
  • Tom Friedman

Infrequently asked questions

If you want to complain about anonymous sources in journalism, is it okay to quote "leading experts" in order to bolster your case?

Over the past thirty days, CNBC has referred to groups or individuals as "left leaning" 219 times but "right leaning" only 43 times. Does this make CNBC "right leaning?"

Facebook may get a lot more annoying with TV style ads

Radio broadcasting network to get rid of Limbaugh and Hannity

Rush Limbaugh deserted by advertisers

Fourth Circuit assaults freedom of the press

You don't get this impression from the rest of the media, but while Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are indeed the top rated radio talk shows, Morning Edition and All Things Considered get 88% as much listenership.

Justice Deparment falsely claims blogs are not news

Phony expert of the day:Fareed Zakaria

Twenty-two journalists who worked for Al Jazeera quit in protest after being told by their Qatari masters to support Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

Personal to David Carr: There are two types of journalists: those who admit their biases and those that don't. You work for an activist paper whose biases have been the most influential of any journal in American history yet still pretends it doesn't have them. - Josiah Swampoodle

The corporate media's long relationship with the spook world helps explain why it doesn't like Snowden

Word: An Australian investigative reporter on Assange

Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone - "Objectivity" is a fairy tale invented purely for the consumption of the credulous public, sort of like the Santa Claus myth. Obviously, journalists can strive to be balanced and objective, but that's all it is, striving.

Personal to Washington media: Before writing about how Social Security and Medicare are going broke, tell us what the status of the Pentagon would be if it also could only get money from a trust fund. All we have to do to take care of Social Security & Medicare is to budget some of the money we spend on useless wars.

Obamites spied on New York Times, too

FBI spied on leading anti-war online news journal

Obama's criminal war against journalists

A journalism professor explains why a shield law is dangerous

Holder just can't remember how many reporters he's spied on

NY Times executive editor Jill Abramson: "No story about details of government secrets has come near to demonstrably hurting the national security in decades and decades."

Obamadmin spied on Associated Press

Covering noise instead of news

Google overtaking newspaper ad sales


Chinese news anchor interrupts her wedding to report on major earthquake

Koch brothers seeking to buy major newspapers

Pro-Israeli suit filed against Jimmy Carter threatens authors' free speech rights

Why mass stabbings aren't important

Since 2008 newspaper circulation in America has fallen by 15% to 41m while advertising revenue has plummeted by 42%, accounting for three-quarters of the global decline in advertising revenue in the same period. In Europe, circulation and advertising revenue have both fallen by a quarter. And revenues from digital sources such as websites, apps and so on have not made up the shortfall. Digital advertising accounts for just 11% of the total revenue for American newspapers. -Economist

Recovered history: Hawks in the newsroom

Why the Manning trial is a threat to all journalism

Department of Good Stuff: Jim Ridgeway

An interview with Paul Krassner

Why does the media listen to someone as dumb and wrong as Alan Simpson?

Just in case Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton weren't obsequious enough, MSNBC has hired Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod to shore up its support for the president

Obama's White House: Treating the media like puppets

Journalism foundation pays $20,000 to plagiarist for speech

Personal to journalists: Existentialism

Looks like CNN is dumping politics

Is terrestial radio on its way out?

The case against long news stories

CBS ownership of CNET threatens one of best cyber sites

A story about Piers Morgan you won't hear on CNN

Decline of the long news story

Time Warner blacks out Al Jazeera


Luke Russert referred to the AFL-CIO as "far left." Guess that makes him far right.

How old media pay walls may help the Internet

It's not the mass media, it's the old media

Ken Burns Interview

What happens to the news on holidays?

America's war on Al Jazeera

Time Warner blacks out Al Jazeera

DC's radical radio station headed for dullsville

How to get fired or quit

Entropy update: Media invitation

Alternative weeklies died a long time ago

Big trend in news audience

Word @ BorowitzReport -  If cavemen had Twitter we would still not have fire.

Best evening news of the year

Media ripped off at debates

How television turned off politics

The full Stewart-O'Reilly video

Fact checking: "I'm the President" receives a rating of "True" from third-party fact-checkers.

Radar Online figures out how much TV news hosts make per viewer

We have your credit card and will charge you what we want

Washington's press is the cabin boy of the political class – do quote me on that

Personal to editors: You did build that lie

Some Republicans and Democrats officials want to prosecute journalists for reporting classified info

The National Journal joins the Associated Press, McClatchy Newspapers, and the Washington Examiner in opposing quote approval

Passings: Washington Post columnist Bill Raspberry

Funny ads sell no better than serious ones

Campaign media has become pathetic PR stooges

The Gallup Poll reports that only 21% of adults have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in television news — a drop from 27% last year and from 46% when Gallup started tracking confidence in TV news in 1993.

Why has the media deserted the Constitution?

Obama issues executive order falsely claiming power to censor online media

Recovered history: the back story on Watergate

A sad story typifying the decline of independent weeklies

Freedom of the press includes being rude

Click and Clack calling it quits in September.

To express your thanks for 25 years of puzzlers and advice, write your note on the back of a 32" Sony Bravia LCD TV, and send it in to Car Talk Plaza, Cambridge (our fair city), MA - Fark

Is Malcolm Gladwell a corporate shill?

Times Picayne to publish only 3 times a week

TED: a massive, money-soaked orgy of self-congratulatory futurism

Richard Cohen shows how to write an opinion column with no position at all

College newspapers in trouble

Do journalists even care about the working class?

Another alternative weekly hits the dust

Obama abolishes the news conference

Celebrating the incest between Washington media and power

How the media has twisted the Social Security issue

FCC opens airwaves to community radio

The state of the news media

Obama would deny reporters' right to protect sources

Local hero: Irish journalist shows how media could be asking questions of officials

TV station, barred from filming court session, uses puppets instead

How the media fouls up budget reporting

Are newspapers coming back?

Christopher Hitchens remembered unedited

Ipads, Kindles major blow to print newspapers

Washington elites speak to hundreds, but declare speech "off the record"

The last 50 years of the New Yorker

The European Union's competition regulators are examining whether France is providing unfair state aid to French news agency Agence France-Presse.In a letter to France's mission to the EU, the European Commission says that subscriptions from the French government make up 40 percent of AFP's revenue.

Category 5 coverage of a Category 1 storm

The people who have been chief White House correspondents are legendary and the very best journalists in American history - Norah O'Donnell

Why the media loves Huntsman but ignores Paul

Police chief says he gets to decide when a photo is art

Pacifica radio

Big trouble at Pacifica Radio

Recovered history: The Pacifica Radio Archives

Pacifica radio crisis gets crazier

Pacifica Radio in deep trouble

RIP: The alternative paper myth


Comcast booster Emanuel got $100,000 from cable firm

Comcast paying $110k to honor FCC commissioner who's supposed to be overseeing its merger

How Time Warner and Comcast are censoring Al Jazeera

Alternative media

Recovered history: The Pacifica Radio Archives

Pacifica radio crisis gets crazier

Pacifica Radio in deep trouble

RIP: The alternative paper myth


WBAI lays off almost everyone

Former alt weekly editor describes the decline of alt weeklies

America's war on Al Jazeera

Time Warner blacks out Al Jazeera

Alternative weeklies died a long time ago

Another alternative weekly hits the dust


Bloggers given First Amendment rights of other journalists


MSNBC takes another hit

The Brian Wiliams back story


NBC yanks Egyptian-American correspondent from Gaza

Word: Why NBC paid so much to Chelsea Clinton

Well, at least it wasn't Goldman Sachs who paid Chelsea Clinton

MSNBC has shallow support even among liberals

The real MSNBC

MSNBC hosts ignore unionizing in their own back yard

Brian Williams raps

The best 20 seconds you'll ever have with Chris Matthews

NBC bullies celebs to stay away from any show except Fallon's

MSNBC's new media host tells press what questions they can ask