The Progressive Review

What you can expect
if Romney wins

Sam Smith

If you are a parent . . .

Your public school system will increasingly be taken over by corporatized education including privatized charter schools. You can expect activities such as sports, music, and creative activities to continue to decline. Romney made clear his real intent when he changed his mind about closing the Education Department. He now sees it as useful in "holding down the interests of the teachers' unions."

As access to abortions and contraceptives decrease, the chances that your daughter may have an illegitimate baby will increase.

If you can't afford full support for your children, publicly funded facilities ranging from parks to health clinics will get siginificantly less support.

Your children will lose the health benefits they received under Obamacare.

As governor, Romney enacted abstinence only sex education in schools.

If you are a woman. . .

Abortions will be much harder to come by even if they are not completely outlawed by the oversturning of Roe V. Wade by a Romney filled Supreme Court. As Romney has put it, 'I do believe Roe v.Wade should be reversed." Romney would end public funding of Planned Parenthood and would imprison doctors who perform abortions.

Contraceptives will be much harder to come by as the federal government puts increased restrictions on their availablity and funding.

If you are worried about your job

One of Romney's major skills in his business career was outsourcing jobs and laying people off. He once said, “I wish Californians had elected Meg Whitman. She would have been more successful and explained to Californians the need to cut back on spending and eliminate unnecessary programs.” The same day that Romney said that, the NY Times reported that Hewlett Packard CEO Whitman planned to eliminate 30,000 jobs by layoffs and early retirement. Romney will treat the government like an aquisition by Bain Capital.

Under Romney, Massachusetts ranked 47th out of 50 in job creation.

Romney called the successful auto industry bailout "tragic."

The economic policies Romney would pursue are the same that got us into the Great Recession and would do little to get us out of it.

Historical records show that the stock market does much better under Democrats than under Republicans.

If you are a college student

Student loans will be much harder to obtain and more costly to pay off

It will be much harder to cast a vote as the GOP has a national program of disenfranchising college students.

If you have lost your home or are in danger of it

Romney's view is "Don't try and stop the foreclosure process."

If you, your business or your community
are benefiting from any federally funded programs

Romney wants a ten percent cut in the federal workforce and would reduce federal spending in many areas. Among those likely to suffer: schools, fire and police departments, not to mention public arts.

If you are the victim of a flood, tornado or other disaster

Reports Think Progressm, "Asked about federal disaster relief for recent tornado and flood victims , candidate Mitt Romney called the spending 'immoral' and said the Federal Emergency Management Agency should be privatized. Embracing a radical anti-government ideology from the most extreme elements of the Tea Party, Romney said that the victims in Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Massachusetts, and other communities hit by tornadoes and flooding should not receive governmental assistance."

If you lack a voter ID

There is a serious campaign to prevent you from voting, a move that will primarily disenfranchise blacks, latinos, seniors and the poor.

If you ride Amtrak

The federal government covers Amtrak's 15% operating defiict. Romney opposes this. Without this funding, most Amtrak routes would have to shut down.

If you are lower income, or know someone who is

Food stamps will be much harder to get. . .

The Romney plan for Medicaid - block grants to states - will undoubtedly reduce funding for this program.

Public hospitals will likely get less public funding.

The continued privatization of education will leave public schools much as they were when they were known as "pauper schools" i.e. schools for just the poor.

Romney thinks that people like you who don't pay taxes are "a problem" that will "kill the country."

As governor, Romney even vetoed an $8 minimum wage. This year he said he opposed an increase in the federal minimum wage.

If you like public broadcasting

It will be in a bad way. About 15-20% of PBS funding comes from the federal government. NPR also receives sizable grants. In NPR's words, "Elimination of federal funding would result in fewer programs, less journalism - especially local journalism - and eventually the loss of public radio stations, particularly in rural and economically distressed communities."

If you are worried you may lose, or have lost, your job

Romney would like to replace unemployment benefits with unemploymen savings accounts that, among other things, could not be extended during crisis periods, and would likely be more costly for employees and less helpful during bad times.

If you are concerned about the environment

You can expct no help from Romney. He even wants to remove carbon dioxide from control by the Clean Air Act and he has stated, "We don't know what's causing climate change."

Romney also has little or no interest in alternative forms of energy, so electric cars, wind power and solar energy will not get much support during his administration.

If you are gay or have a gay child

Romney supports a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

If you, your spouse or children have health problems

While Obamacare is far from perfect, repeal - which can be anticipated under Romney - would eliminate all improvements undeer this measure. Among the provisions that would be dumped would be the one prohibiting the denial of coverage to individuals with pre-existing conditions.

Romney would like future Medicare recipients to buy private insurance. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation study, six out of 10 Medicare beneficiaries would pay higher premiums under the Romney approach.

Romney would replace Medicaid with a block grant program to stats that would likely greatly reduce funding for the program.

If you pay taxes

Romney clearly wants to prevent any rise in taxes for his hyper wealthy allies. As a result some elimnation of deductions for the middle class are inevitable. The mere fact that Romney won't reveal what these are indicates strongly that they are indeed a significant part of his plan. You could lose all or part of deductions for health expenses, mortgages and charitable gifts.

Romney has another trick: increase fees so he can claim he's not increasing taxes. His first budget as Massachusetts governor had $240 million in fee increases. As Think Progress put it, " As governor, Mitt Romney made it more expensive to use an ice skating rink, register a boat, take the bar exam, and transport hazardous waste."

If you are a senior, or may one day be

Romney has changed his position on Social Security - as with many other things - a number of times but in 2007 said we should "take that surplus money that’s being gathered now in Social Security and put that into private accounts. That works." It doesn't. You would have lost enornous amounts during the Great Recession.

If you are a professor, college student or benefit in some way from academic research

Since Romney and Ryan plan to slash the non military budget, among the victims will be federal support of academic research, which, according to the Congressional Research Service, amounted to about 60% of all academic research when last checked.

If you are or were in the military

You can expect to continued to be assigned to fight the pointless wars Obama has been trying to wind down. Further, the likelihood of conflict with Iran is much higher under Romney than with Obama and Romney also considers Russia and China to be enemies.

Romney opposed the troop withdrawal from Iraq and Obama's scheduled withdrawl from Afghnistan.

The Republicans are strongly opposed to assistance for returning veterans. Senate Republicans, for example, prevented a vote on a bill that would have provided $1 billion over five years to hire 20,000 young veterans for public lands jobs and prioritize vets for first responder jobs such as police, firefighter, or EMT.