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How climate change helped create the Syrian crisis

The case against the Syrian war

Syrian war in one simple chart

And now a few details

The government's Syria disaster

Obama admits he's supporting Syrian terrorists

Some spooks wonder whether Assad really did it


Even US troops oppose military action in Syria by 3 to 1

CIA begins delivering weapons to Syrian rebels

How the budget changed for our last "unbelievably small" attack

Syria misadventure blows Obama's cover

German paper says Assad rejected use of chemical weapons

How Putin saved Obama, Congress & the EU from further embarassment

Syria: One never knows, do one?

Pentagon planning larger war against Syria

Who Syrians think are to blame for ISIS

100,000 join Pope for Syrian peace vigil

AIPAC to send 250 lobbyists to Congress to press for war against Syria


Obama considering training Syrian rebel troops

U.S. can't link chemical attacks to Assad

Obama's new ally on Syria


Look where Syria got its chemical weapons


How a Syrian war crimes tribunal could work

House might not vote on Syria

Calls to Congress massively against war on Syria


Chemical weapons

Republicans may kill more people than Syrian chemical weapons

U.S. used white phosphorus in Iraq

Glenn Greenwald - The convention on chemical weapons says you take violators to the ICC at the Hague -- not bomb them.


Russia sends four more warships near Syria

Russia threatens Saudi Arabia

Russian says Syrian war could have "catastrophic consequences"

US and Russia in dangerous conflict over Syria

Obama & Syria

Obama orders diplomats out of Lebanon in preparation for war on Syria

Sheldon Adelson & Barack Obama find something in common: bombing people they don't like

Pentagon warned Obama in 2012 that eliminating Syria's chemicals would take 75,000 ground troops

Obama tells Republicans he has bigger plans in Syria

Dan Froomkin - How does it feel to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner trying to take a nation to war?

Obama losing allies over Syria

Obama and Biden on war powers before something happened to them


Obedient media: Politico, Ny Times, and CNN all call Obama a "reluctant warrior"

Tom Tomorrow - Nothing says 'We Care' like a Tomahawk missile strike.

Calls to Congress massively against attack on Syria

U.N.'s Ban casts doubt on legality of U.S. plans to attack Syria

Update on the last country we said we saved

About John Kerry's pals, the moderate Syrian rebels

Places we've bombed over the past sixty years

The real goal in Syria: More conflict

Navy deploys five warships towards Syria

NY TImes kills paragraphs revealing AIPAC's role in Syria affair

188 Representatives, including 69 Democrats, call for vote on Syria

Carter urges Syria summit

British lawmakers vote against Syrian action

Words on Syria

Anti-war groups lag on Syria

Infrequently asked questions Which of these previous conflicts will the planned Syrian war attempt to emulate: Korea, Vietnam, Bay or Pigs, Afgahnistan or Iraq?

Egypt will not allow US & UK warships through Suez canal to attack Syria

Who loses in limited U.S. attacks? Us

Jordan: We're not cooperating

Iran warns of "serious consequences"

Lessons the media could learn from Iraq about covering Syria

Egypt will not allow US & UK warships through Suez canal to attack Syria

60 percent of Americans say the United States should not intervene in Syria's civil war

A few reasons not to attack Syria

61% say it's not in America's interest to get involved in Syria

U.S. has troops at Syrian border

No fly zone is an act of war

Gee, where is Bin Laden when we need him?

Green shadow cabinet on Syria
The problem with intervening in Syria
The real reason the US is taking on Syria
United Arab Emirates
Why does U.S. have mercenaries in the United Arab Emirates?