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The Trump criminal Investigation

The Trump Dump

Trump rallies followed by big jump in hate crimes

List of women who have accused the president of sexual assault

The threat New York prosecutors pose to Trump

The Trump threat for years to come

Banks got $21 billion tax cut from Trump, then cut jobs

Transgender is a problem for Trump, not military

Did God call Trump to the White House?

Trump's mind & dealing with it

Our mentally ill president

Some of the psychology behind Trump supporters

Trump watches TV and tweets more than he does the work he's paid for\

Has the CIA defined Donald Trump?

Stormy Daniels on having sex with Donald Trump

Trump wanted braille removed from elevators in his building

White House officials contacted psychiatrist over Trump's behavior

Fifteen reasons Trump supporters stick by him

What a narcissist like Trump does when it's not working

The mob talk of Donald Trump

Trump's military parade woyld cost $80 million more than estimated

Trump apparently doesn't buy groceries

Psychologist: Trump is how people react to him

Word: Scottish newspaper summarizes Trump

Best anti-Trump protest of the week: not good enough to own a DC bar

Veteran sports writer explains Trump's decades long grudge against the NFL

Trump wants space wars

The Philly answer to Trump

Word: A really good analysis of the Trump mind

Why do so many believe Trump's lies?

Getting to know Donald Trump

Another Trump conflict of interest

Donald Trump warned you

Concern about Trump's mental health

Working for Trump isn't fun

Word: A gossip columnist who has been dealing with Trump for years

Dealing with the presidential mental situation

Secret Service has reportedly spent nearly $150,000 on golf cart rentals since Trump

Trump calls for boycott of CNN

Word; Why Trump lies so much

What Donald TruMp has in common with Kaiser Wilhelm

Former Wharton Professor: 'Trump Was the Dumbest G*dam Student I Ever Had'

After trial, Trump said OJ was framed

27 top psychiatrists press for action on Trump's mental problems

Spy Magazine nailed Trump in 1988

Found by Suaan Ohanian

Psychiatrists warn Congress about Trump

Trump was wrong about the Civil War long ago

Things Trump has condemned other than white nationalists

Trump doesn't understand economics either

Narcissist in Chief

Trump defines loyalty to Charlie Rose in 1992

Understanding Trump better

The Constitution and mentally unstable presidents

Does Trump have Alzheimer's?

Trump's & sex

Inside Trump's one stop parties: cocaine and very young models

What you wanted to know about Stormy Daniels' time with Donald Trump

Lawyer against Stormy also tried to save Trump University

27 who have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct

Guide to the alleged sexual offenses of Donald Trump

Why not treat Trump and Moore as unmanly?

Accusations of Trump's sexual misconduct: The complete list

Trump wall to tear through wildlife areas, churches, cemetaries, and RV park

Speaking of Harvey Weinstein, what about Trump?

Trump lies, tales & tricks

30 broken Trump promises

Trump has made 6,420 false or misleading claims over 649 days

Trump was self made man kind of early

Trump falsehoods hit 5,000

Trump tried to rig photos of his inauguration

Mob politics

Trump offers 15 lies or misstatements in one speech

If you think Trump is bad, consider his n pals

Before meeting, Trump was informed that Putin was directly involved in cyberattacks

NATO gets hit with Trump lies

Trump's ex-wife said he had a book of Hitler speeches near his bed

Trump lying or misleading nine times a day

Trump's lies about the economy

Trump's lies increasing

Countries trying to bribe our president

The original Donald Trump

About that hair growth pill Trump has taken

An academic look at Trump's lies

What is Cambridge Analytica?

Trump's vacations could pay for 128 cargo ships to Puerto Rico

Trump's inaugural commitee raised $107 million for charity but has donated none of it.

Boy Scouts: Trump lie of the day

Promises Trump hasn't kept

Trump's lie of the day

Trump was a fraud on 'Apprentice,' too

Trump has spent over a month at golf courses so far

The reporter who was offered an apartment by Donald Trump

The dark side of Donald Trump the election campaign ignored

Trump appointee is Saudi lobbyist

Recording the lies of Trump

An evangelical explanation of Donald Trump

Trump is also a plagiarist

Trump has been sued 134 times in federal court already

New York could publish Trump's tax returns

Pro-Trump PAC gives up on him

Evidence of Trump mental illness: President wants "good" government shutdown in September

Trump utters a true fact

Trump turns executive orders into show business

Suit filed over Trump's foreign business dealings

100 days of gibberish

Percentage-wise, Trump has visited a property that generates him money on 35.9% of the days he's been POTUS. Trump doesn't play golf as much as he visits his own properties, but he does play more than former President Barack Obama. According to the Post's analysis, Trump hits the links every 5.6 days, meaning he's golfed on 17.9% of his days as president. Comparatively, Obama golfed every 8.8 days.

Trump inspires new playground game

Psychiatrists say Trump has "dangerous mental illness"

President claims his First Amendment rights trump others

Trump's links to organized crime

Trump: The Lucious of the American Empire

Trump wants royal treatment visiting London

Trump claims he can't be sued for sex offense because he's president

Tip to the media: Stop calling Trump's tax changes a "reform"

100 Secret Service agents reportedly needed for Trump family ski trip

Government by intentional lethargy

Trump Tower apartments hard to sell

Trump regime lies of the day

One Direction vs. Trump's direction

Trump could reverse cuts to arts, poor and elderly if he just stayed away from Florida

Staffers scared at the White House

Back story: the alleged Trump phone tapping

Trump doesn't even know how to tie a tie

Trump: A manipulative secular preacher

In court case, Melania Trump argues that she should have gotten rich as First Lady. Law says something different

Psychiatric health experts finding Trump to be mentally ill

A guide to Trump lies since his inauguration

Trump as a 70 year old spoiled child

A guide to Trump lies since his inauguration

34 promises Trump broke on first day in office

Handling Trump lies

Trump invites bigot to pray at his inauguration

For Trump, truth doesn't matter, now his media advisor says his words don't either

Trump celebrates New Year's Eve with ex-felon with mob ties

Some useful hints for handling narcissistic personality disorder

Trump on computers: "I think that computers have complicated lives very greatly. The whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what’s going on." He also pointed out that computers have "speed" and "a lot of other things."

Trump lies matter (even to archeologists)

A guide to narcissistic personality disorder

Trump cheat sheets

Trump already making private money out of public role

Trump associated businesses have sought hundreds of foreign workers

Trump dump of the week: draining the swamp

Now even Trump admits he's a liar

Trump already has a $32 million conflict of interest

Trump outdid Romney with druggies and alcoholics

Sexual abuse charges in the Trump gang

Truth and lies in the age of Trump

Trump already suppressing protests

A guide to Trump's biggest lies

Trump rally thuggery stats

"I really don’t even know what I mean, because that was a long time ago, and who knows what was in my head.” - Donald Trump, in an interview with NBC News, when asked about a 2002 Howard Stern interview in which he voiced support for the Iraq War. - Political Wir

The real Donald Trump

75% of Trump's claims are lies

The vicious Donald Trump

A guide to stupid Trump tricks

Trump lied in the campaign about four times as much as Clinton

How to deal with the Don con

Trump, the high school bully

Donald Trump's dumbest remarks

Thoughts of Donald Trump

More thoughts of Trump

Trump hasn't voted in a primary since 1989

The guy who attacked Clinton's Goldman Sachs connections has a problem

Trump and the law

Some Trump articles of impeachment

Word: Three signs Trump is becoming a dictator

It's a crime to threaten witnesses such as Michael Cohen

Trump's rotten judicial appointments

Mueller has uncovered $48 million in tax evasion

Watchdog groups say Trump and NRA illegally coordinated during campaign

A memo from Starr investigation says a president is indictable

Prosecutors see Trump as a criminal. What they do about it is next

Word: Trump and money laundering

Donald Trump and the mob

Trump again claims right to break law with impunity

Trump involved in 3500 law suits including non payment claims

Trump forced staffers to sign unconstitutional non-disclosure pacts

Trumpies can't just stop enforcing regulations says appeals court

Trump fails to appoint US Attorneys

Trump strongly backs torture

Problems with the Trump divestment plan

Trump regime wants to imprison protesters for ten years

How being appointed by Trump can be a big tax break

Stupid Trump tricks: Make burning flag a crime

Trump tax return admits self-dealing

Trump loses all of his libel suits

Trump's companies have destroyed thousands of emails in defiance of court orders

Trump's hotel opening was illegal

Trump's staff has its own law & order problems


A few problems with Trump's deregulation plans

The neo-segregationism of Trump

Trump orders random cuts in federal government

Trump is only the leader of this disaster

Trump disagrees with public on many issues

Trump says 70% of federal regulations 'can go'

Trump has come up with only nine policies

Trump's Irag War cover is blown

Alternative sex

Trump banning same sex married diplomats

CDC head is strongly anti-

Trump heavily discriminates against transgendered service members

19 Democratic attorneys general call for fair treatment of trans-gendered service members

The Trump regime record on alternative sex rights

Trump used anniversary of military desegregation to ban transgender persons in mlitary


Trump's arts defunding would hurt communities

The Trump war against the arts

How killing NEA would affect Alabama


Yellin rejects Trump's attack on bank regs

Fines against Wall Street plummet under Trump

Trump using bank lawyer to kill bank regulations


Trump regime strikes sweetheart deal with Wells Fargo

Trump signs the biggest rollback of bank rules since the financial crisis


Trump plays heavily to anti-blacks in Alabama


How Democrats and Republicans feel about the Trump budget

Word: Trump's budget


What Trump means by "urban renewal"

Civil liberties

Trump says protests should be illegal

Trump regime plans to charge for protests on National Mall

Trump regime trying to criminalize peaceful inauguration protesters

ACLU on Trump's pardon of Arpaio

Word: The Arpaio pardon

Some reasons Sheriff Arpaio shouldn't get a pardon

Donald's not the first Trump to play with the Klan

Trump regime claims it's a crime to laugh at AG Sessions

Trump wants Christian extremist Sharia law

Civil rights

49% believe Trump is racist

Racist moments with Donald Trump

Supreme Court approves of Trump's prejudice against Muslims

Education Department ditching civil rights cases

Trump regime slashes civil rights enforcement

Trump regime finding way to cut back civil rights enforcement

Climate change

Trump regime demotes climate scientist who spoke out

Trump undoes climate change rules

Trump thinks dealing with climate change is "a waste of your money"

Trump launches witchhunt against government climate experts

Trump to emasculate NASA climate change research

Trump is only world leader who doesn't believe in climate change

11 times Trump said climate change was a hoax


Sessions launches attack on college civil rights


Trump calls constitutional checks & balances "a really bad thing"


Trump regime going after consumer protection


Priebus; Trump wants to undo Obama's progress with Cuba


Trump may dump public broadcasting and arts/humanities endowments


Border Patrol plans to ban Canadian users of marijuana

Jefferson Bauregard Sessions shutting down true marijuana research

Trump plans to revive failed federal marijuana enforcement


International tourism drops in Trump era

Trump touted Wisconsin deal to cost state $3 billion

Trump has already hurt lower income homeowners


Education programs Trump wants to eliminate

Trump praises school voucher program that' not working as promised


Trump's Interior Secretary blames forest fires on "radical environmentalists"

Trump regime plans to kill 1400 more Americans yearly with coal plan

Trump plays with cancer-producing asbestos

Federal appeals court bans pesticide Trump regime approved

EPA would allow asbestos back into products

Trump regime allows pesticides and GM crops in wildlife refuges

States to fight Trump's ditching of auto emission standards

EPA uses dictatorial methods against journalists

National Park Service rediscovers climate change

67 environmental rules on the way out under Trump

Trump regime threatens over 300 species

EPA launches plan to kill and sicken more Americans

Some reasons Trump is illegal and wrong in attack on national monuments

More Trump negligence: Failure to produce air quality maps

Trump orders largest reduction ever in public lands

48 environmental rules the White House is working to undo

Pruitt wrecking EPA

Trump plans to dumb down geological information

EPA chief laughs about killing agency

List of Trump's anti-environmental actions

27 national monuments that could be dismissed by Trump

A timeline of Trump's war on the environment

Anti-environmental lawyer named DOJ's top environmental lawyer

Trump out to wreck EPA

Trump signs order designed to turn national monuments into corporate havens

How one student saved environmental information Trump planned to destroy

Trump regime calls for exit from Paris environmental agreement

Mar-a-Lago could be under water by end of century

Pruitt stacking EPA with climate change deniers

Pruitt falsely trivializes impact of carbon dioxide

Trump will work to abolish EPA

Trump freezes all EPA grants

Trump wants to gut environmental rules

Trump formally supports Dakota Access pipeline


Trump lets his racism fly free

Trump gives boost to white nationalists

Donald Trump: Well, you know, when it comes to racism and racists, I am the least racist person there is. And I think most people would me would tell you that. I am the least racist I've had great relationships. In fact, Randall Pinkett won, as you know, on The Apprentice a little while ago, a couple of years ago. And Randall's been outstanding in every way. So I am the least racist person


Trump may send your cable and internet bills soaring

First people

Trump team wants to take over first peoples' land for its oil

Food stamps

How Trump plans to hurt the food stamp program

Foreign policy

Trump regime cuts money for Palestinians

Trump team hired spy firm for ‘dirty ops’ on Iran arms deal

Follow the bouncing Trump: Iran

Trump doesn't understand NATO

Trump fine with Israeli apartheid

More than 100,000 visas have been revoked from travelers heading to the US under Donald Trump's travel ban, according to court documents.

Trump threatens to invade Mexico

President-elect Donald J. Trump’s transition staff “has issued a blanket edict requiring politically appointed ambassadors to leave their overseas posts by Inauguration Day… breaking with decades of precedent by declining to provide even the briefest of grace periods,” the New York Times reports.“

While Trump may be trumpeting racial and gender diversity in his cabinet, literally every appointee Trump has selected up to this point agrees on one thing. All of them are either openly against LGBTQ rights, fund anti-LGBTQ efforts, or support anti-LGBTQ politicians.


Trump puts pay freeze on federal workers

Trump regime toying with privatizing mail service

Trump censoring government employees


Trump signed rule allowing 75,000 mentally ill people to buy guns

Trump kills a regulation aimed at preventing mentally ill from owning guns


Trump names Medicaid slasher to head program

The ethnic favoritism in Trump's Medicaid rules

The ethnic favoritism in Trump's Medicaid rules

Obamacare costs to leap, largely thanks to Trump

Trump finds new way to kill people helped by Obamacare

How Trump is damaging Obamacare

How Trump is already damaging healthcare

Trump's proposed mass health manslaughter more deadly to Americans than Vietnam war

Trump plans to damage American healthcare even if Obamacare survives

Trump regime using Obamacare funds to attack Obamacare

How Trump is sabotaging the American healthcare system

Only 17% of Americans support the US President's reform of Obamacare

Trump wants to end key Obamacare payments

Trump creates huge job loss at Center for Disease Control

How Trump misled about Obamacare

Robbing Medicare to give the rich a tax cut

If Trump likes Putin so much why doesn't he support public healthcare

How Trump's healthcare plan would kill 50,000 Americas

Republicans threaten Medicare

GOP Don't Care bill could cost poor families a third of their income

Robbing Medicare to give the rich a tax cut

How GOP Don't Care would harm Medicare

Some key points about the GOP anti-healthcare measure


Trump shuts down halfway houses

Trump slashes housing support for millions. . . but not for himself

When the Trump firm blocked black renters

Trump makes it harder for low income home owners & first time buyers

Trump has already hurt lower income homeowners

Republicide: The war on housing

Trump plans to slash housing funds


We interrupt this wall debate with a few thoughts from a wall expert

Fact checking the wall situation

32 cities oppose Trump regime immigrant welfare rules

Why Trump's troops to the border was illegal

A constitutional lawyer looks at Trump's effort to deny birthright children citizenship

Judge blocks Trump from ending protections for 300,000 immigrants

Trump regime trying to strip citizenship from latinos born near Mexican border

Government study finds Trump's wall could waste billions

Federal court overturns Trump's war on sanctuary cities

Trump child abuse update

How the Trump regime treats immigrant children

Trump regime putting non-criminal immigrants in prisons

Federal judge slams Trump regime's separation of immigrant children from parents

Trump's unconstitutional attack on the Census

Trump regime separating children from immigrant parents

Federal appeals court slaps Trump scheme against sanctuary cities

Trump paid over $1 million to illegal Polish workers clearing Trump Tower site

Judge permanently blocks Trump's war on sanctuary cities

Trump firm hires 70 foreign workers for the Mar-a-Lago Club

Dreamers have citizen spouses,chldren and siblings

The Dreamers Trump is double-crossing

Meet one of Trump's wall builders

The real Joe Arpaio story

Study says Trump's immigration plan would hurt GDP, jobs

Melania Trump might not pass her husband's immigration standards

Trump regime wants to limit legal immigration, too

How to successfully immigrate to America

Trump's anti-foreigner policies hurting US universities

Trump to make getting some visas much harder

Trump regime killing tourism

Immigrants afraid to use food stamps

61 police chiefs complain about Trump's immigration crackdown

Homeland Security report challenges Trump's ban

Trump policies badly hurting tourism

Trump's anti-immigrant policies threaten real estate market

Melania would have been deported if Trump had been president when she arrived...

Trump is on this earth thanks to illegal immigration

How the immigration policy Trump praised actually worked


Trump joins his tyrannical pals against improved cyber security


The years of judicial pain Trump has already created

Trump making courts much whiter

Trump urges collective punishment - a war crime under Geneva Convention

Stop and frisk: Trump's latest bad idea

Trump calls for fascist style police profiling and roundups


Recovered history: Trump argued that wages are too high

Trump undermining fair labor laws

The Trump regime's latest war on the working class

Wages drop in wake of Trump tax cut

Three years ago Trump said wages are too high

About Trump and jobs

Trump regime hiding work place deaths

Federal judge rules Trump involved in ripping off union workers

Trump chooses major critic of minimum wage increase as labor secretary

Trump's labor secretary choice wants machines to replace workers

Donald Trump thinks your wages are too high

The anti-labor plans of Trump and allies


Trump White House has nothing for Spanish speakers


Trump regime issues anti-journalist news conference rules

Trump regime claims power to ban all reporters from White House

Trump's Canadian tariffs hurting local newspapers

Trump regime ups Obama's war on the press

Trump floated idea of jailing journalists who reported leaks

Trump helping the media he hates

Sesame Street's battle against Donald Trump

Trump would suppress free media

Trump bullies media


Latest wall estimate nearly twice what Trump said

Trump's Mexico wall will cost about $115 per American taxpayer

Trump's wall will cost billions


Trump stirs up another Mid East crisis


Turning space into a war zone

Two law suits against Trump's military transgender ban


Trump doesn't like Muslims

Trump adviser suggests mosque attack was fake hate crime by left


Trump to emasculate NASA climate change research

Native Americans

Donald Trump vs. Indians


Trump's urging that some NFL players be fired could cost him 15 years in prison

The composer of the national anthem: Just a reminder

Trump gives big boost to national anthem protests

North Korea

Korean-American elected officials urge Trump to use diplomacy

Trump's false Christian advisor says go for North Korea


Trump advisors would privatize Indian lands for oil


Trump moves to militarize police


Trump wants to end war on poverty

Top 1 percent gets $207,000 tax cut; bottom 20 percent get $420 tax cut

Trump wants to cut off heating aid to the poor

Trump's budget is just his first attack on Medicaid and food stamps

Trump's latest victims: low income Americans who need legal aid


Sessions puts general in charge of civilian prisons

Public Works

Trump plans weaker bridges and roads than Obama

Trump's public works scam

Word: Robert Reich explains the con behind Trump's infrastructure plan

Why Trump's public works scheme is a fraud

Public works as stealth privatization

Trump wants to turn public works into private profits

Why Trump's public works plan is another con

Puerto Rico

Tiny energy company with Trump ties gets $300 million government contract in Puerto Rico


Scientists busy copying government data that Trump regime might erase


How Trump's budget would hurt older Americans

Trump's plan to attack Social Security

He wants to cut your Social Security


Shutdown Cost the Economy $11 Billion

Hundreds of Trump officials getting pay raises as thousands of federal workers are getting nothing


Trump's tax cut lies

Trump wants to end state and local tax deductions hurting lower income taxpayers

If Trump's tax plan goes through, America would rank 59th in country tax fairness

Trump's tax plan to cost middle class dollars

Trump proposes bill to drastically cut his own taxes

Word: Trump's corporate tax cuts

Less than 7% of Trump's proposed tax cuts go to middle class; 47% to top 1%

Things wrong with Trump's tax plan

According to the Tax Policy Center analysis of the Trump tax plan, “the highest-income households would receive the largest cuts, both in dollars and as a percentage of income.” People at the bottom of the economic ladder would receive, on average, a $128 tax cut under Trump’s plan, while the top 0.1 percent would take home an extra $1.3 million


Tourism to US down in Trump era


Trump likes waterboarding


Second federal judge blocks Trump's transgender military ban


Transportation Department grants favoring Trump states

Trump wants to wreck train service

Trump wants to kill train service for 140 million Americans

Trump wants to privatize highways and charge more tolls

Trump budget could end Amtrak in 23 states


Federal judge refuses to allow Trump to penalize sanctuary cities


Three civilians directing Veterans Administration from Trump's golf club


States bucking Trump voter suppression

New Hampshire's bipartisan rebuttal of voting fraud claims

Member of Trump's screw voters commission posted a million Social Security numbers on the web

Republican state claims of not releasing voter data prove false

Lawyers claim head of vote commission violating Hatch Act


Why Trump's Syrian attack was illegal

Secretary of State plays with war less than two months into Trump administration

Trump wants more nuclear arms

Does Donald Trump think nuclear war is inevitable?

Dwight D Eisenhower on Trump's plans to expand the millitary

Why Trump is not to be trusted with nuclear weapons


Trump's abortion gag rule

Trump wants to gag doctors on abortion

Serial adulterer Trump pushing chastity only education

Trump making it harder to report sexual harassment

Speaking of Roy Moore, here's our president talking about

How Trump is attacking and s with the court system

Trump limits 's access to birth control

Trump ready to restrict 's right to abortions

Men run the Trump disaster

Trump regime kills employer wage gap info

Trump's Bible "class" minister doesn't think mothers should work

Trump regime slashes $210 million from teen pregnancy prevention programs

Accusations of Trump's sexual misconduct: The complete list

Trump's war on birth control

Trump to remove contraception from healthcare coverage, but Viagra remains

Trump wants to destroy Planned Parenthood

Trump escalates his war against family planning

Planned Parenthood has received 50,000 individual donors

Trump wants to increase the tax on being a woman

27 who have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct

Guide to the alleged sexual offenses of Donald Trump


DeVos acts to protect colleges from students defrauded by them

Trump regime lets debt collectors charge high fees on past due college loans

North Korea

North Korea: Just a reminder

Word: Trump's disastrous policy towards South Korea

Trump's family

Jared Kushner

Kushner got top secret security clearance despite rejection by top specialists

Kushner is Saudi prince's point man in Washington

Kushner family has over half a million dollars in unpaid NYC fines

Saudi Crown prince called Kushner "in his pocket"

Jared Kushner's company routinely filed false New York City paperwork

Kushner hung out with Saudi Prince until 4 am several nights

Kushner forgot to mention $10 million in assets

New York Magazine reports Kushner as "person of interest"

Ivanka & Jared pay $15,000 in monthly rent

Trump puts son-in-law with no government experience in charge of improving government

The curious admission of Jared Kushner into Harvard

Donald Trump Jr\

Trump Jr. compares Democratic platform to Nazism

216 things that Donald Trump Jr doesn't know or can't remember

Eric Trump

Eric Trump links

Ivanka Trump

Report: Ivanka Trump misrepresented real estate figures

Why did Ivanka Trump escape her daddy's tarriff pain?

Speaking of viciousness: Life inside a Ivanka Trump factory

Ivanka's pet fund gets $100 million Saudi payoff

If you think Donald Trump is bad, look who's in the wings

Ivanka Trump told Vanity Fair that her then husband had Hitler book by his bed

Ivanka Trump selling her clothes secretly under new name

Ivana Trump's made in China clothing line

Melania Trump

Melania Trump immigrated to America on "genius visa"

What it's like to be Trump's wife

First Lady suggests people losing healthcare should rely on natural cures

Trump's father

Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father

Trump's gang

Trump's cabinet worth 35 times that of Obama's first cabinet

Trump officials betrayng their jobs

Even Trump's mother was afraid she had raised a monster

The costly fear of Trump cabinet officials

How Trump's grandfather got started

According to Chuck Schumer, Trump's cabinet has more net worth than the whole bottom third of American citizenry combined

Trump Cabinet's net worth greater than the world's 70 smallest countries

Trump's 17 appointees so far make more money than a third of America combined

F Scott Fitzgerald warned us about Donald Trump and gang


Labor nominee Acosta cut deal with billionaire guilty in sex abuse case

Alex Azar

Another sick Trump appointment

William Barr

Barr pushed mass incarceration

Trump's choice for AG started warrantless searches of Americans under Bush

Ken Blackwell

Trump aide: s are like petty thieves and fire-setters

John Bolton

Yes, Bolton really is that dangerous

Meet John Bolton

Jim Bridenstine

Trump names non-scientist, climate change denier to run NASA

Ben Carson

Ben Carson's cruelty to old and disabled

Ben Carson thinks poverty is a state of mind

If you need housing under Ben Carson, you better become a doctor

Ben Carson doesn't tell the truth either

Elaine Chao

How Elaine Chao fouled up her last cabinet post

Even the Transportation Secretary to be is a big conflict of interest

David Clarke

Sheriff Clarke bails out of Trump regime job

Trump's worst appointment yet

The controversial Milwaukee County sheriff, David Clarke, who has compared Black Lives Matter to the Ku Klux Klan, has said he is joining the Trump administration

Jay Clayton, SEC

Trump's SEC pick

Michael Cohen

Trump's lawyer's lawyer was (is?) a foreign agent for Qatar

Report alleges Ukraine paid Cohen for meeting with Trump

Prosecutors flip Cohen's Taxi King

Cohen alleged to have sought $1 million fee for participation in Trump regime plan

Michael Cohen's shadowy business empire

Trump's personal lawyer comes under congressional inquiry

Gary Cohn

Trump appointee Cohn a major player in the 2008 financial disaster

Gary Cohn's pants on fire

Roy Cohn

Trump story must read

Kellyanne Conway

Conway: Being ethical discourages people from entering government

Trump's media voice has history with anti-, white supremicist groups

Reed Cordish

Trump’s White House adviser - Reed Cordish - runs a real-estate company that’s being sued by black patrons who accuse it of racial discrimination and hiring white men to physically attack and eject them.

Tony Cox

Another hazardous Trump advisor

Betsy DeVos

Omarosa reports ethnic slur by DeVos

DeVos slime of the day

18 states sue DeVos for chippijng away at student protections

DeVos acts to protect colleges from students defrauded by them

DeVos supports state discrimination against black and students

Betsy DeVos' brother helping Chinese military

Some reasons Betsy DeVos as education secretary is a terrible idea

The terrible record of Betsy DeVos

DeVos a shill for church schools

Word: Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos' family’s donations have funded the campaigns of many of the senators now tasked with voting on her nomination, including members of the committee overseeing her confirmation hearing next week.

DeVos' political action committee owes $5 miiilion in long overdue fine

What DeVos did to education in Michigan

DeVos gave to GOP senators who have to approve her nomination

Word: Betsy DeVos

The new education secretary

DeVos sought public funds to subsidize religious schools

Trump names opponent of public schools as Ed Secretary

Eric Dreiband

Word: Trump's new Justice Department civil rights head

Myron Ebell

Trump picks leading climate change denier for EPA transition

Harold Ford

Harold Ford; From Crump to Trump

David Friedman

Trump names Israeli ambassador to the right of Israeli government

Trump's Israel ambassador pick opposes two state solution

Jewish liberals attack Trump's Israel ambasador pick

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich sideline

Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani's gift to the opioid industry

John Gore

Anti-black attorney named to high Justice Department civil rights post

Sabastian Gorka

High ranking Trump official had ties to European neo-fascists

Judge Gorsuch

The Gorsuch dilemma

A really bad Gorsuch decision

Word: Elizabeth Warren on Gorsuch

Gorsuch vs the frozen trucker

Gorsuch wants employers to question job seeking about plans for children

What Gorsuch was like on campus

Gorsuch was leading right winger at Columbia U

Gorsuch founded his school's "Fascism Forever Club"

About Gorsuch

William Happer

Frontrunner as Trump's science advisor ridicules climate change

Robert Jeffress

This is the guy who gives Trump evangelical advice

Robert Jeffress: Another Christian heretic in the Trump gang

Brett Kavanaugh

Kavanaugn complaints being handled by judge for whom he once lobbied

10 more reasons not to like Brett Kavanaugh

More than 1,200 law professors sign letter opposing Kavanaugh’s confirmation

What all those Fs mean in Kavanaugh's letter

Kavanaugh nomination revives the Vince Foster case

The southern factor in the Kavanaigh disaster

More from Kavanaugh's high school

A few notes from Kavanaugh pal Mark Judge's memoir

Kavanaugh's pals at Yale

The Yale secret society Kavanugh belonged to

Kavanaugh's pal on women and drinking

Word: Kavanaugh on high school standards

Word: Five sins of Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh can't be trusted

More problems with Kavanaugh

What Kavanaugh's appointment could mean to health

Kavanaugh claims warrantless telecommunications spying is not banned by 4th Amendment

Kavanaugh supports corporate takeover of elections

More bad Kavanaugh moments

Brett Kavanaugh favors presidential dictatorial powers

Problems with Kavanaugh

John Kelly

John Kelly reveals his empty soul

Kelly wants between 0 and 1 iimmigrants a year

Trump names abusive Gitmo head as chief of staff

John Kelly still believes in failed drug war

Trump's homeland secuirty nominee supported Gitmo forced feeding

Kris Kobach

Trump names vote manipulator to investigate vote manipulation

Larry Kulow

Trump's top economic adviser trashes the minimum wage

Mike Lee

Trump's new justice choice thinks child labor laws, Medicare and Society Security are unconstitutional

Paul Manafort

Manafort juror: just one of us stopped conviction on all counts

IRS agent says Trump's former campaign chairman had $16.5m in unreported income

Kenneth Marcus

Trump names another task traitor

Tom Marino

New drug czar wants to make drug war even worse

James Mattis

Trump's "Mad Dog" Secretary of Defense

Mattis raises issue of civilian control of American military

Don McGahn

Trump's counsel key to Citizens United disaster

HR McMaster

New security advisor breaks with Trump

Robert Mercer

Billionaire helping Trump pay his legal bills

Stephen Miller

Stephan Miller's uncle doesn't go for his nephew's line on immigration

Cosmopolitan Stephen Miller

More grim facts about Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller as a high schooler

Awful moments of Stephen Miller slammed by Joe Scarborough

About Stephen Miller

Top Trump aide declares him a dictator

Steven Mnuchin

Treasury Secretary update

Mnuchin wastes large sums of public money on air trips

The slimy story of Trump's Treasury Secretary and ex-foreclosure king

Steve Mnuchin’s old company just settled for $89 million for ripping off the government on dodgy loans

New Treasury secretary will serve public from 16000 square foot $12.6 million mansion

Amount of a payment error for which Treasury secretary nominee Steven Mnunchin’s bank once moved to foreclose on a home: $0.27

Trump's treasury pick was chair of company responsible for extraordinary number of foreclosures

Mnuchin headed 'foreclosure machine' that foreclosed on 36,000

Mnuchin already promises a conflict of interest

Stephen Moore

A top economic advisor to Trump on democracy

Mick Mulvaney

What Trump's new chief of staff had to say about him a few years ago

Mulvaney calls corporate bribery "democracy"

Mulvaney promises to undermine law establishing agency he heads

Mulvaney is one sick guy talking about illness

Trump's budget director would slash Medicare and Social Security

Keith Noreika

Trump names pro-bank Comptroller without Senate confirmation

Aiit Pai

FCC to get anti-consumer chair thanks to Trump

Michael Pence

Mike Pence provides tie breaking vote for judge the ABA is not fit to serve

Mike Pence wants you to believe he's innocent. Don't buy it.

How Mike Pence helped damage Indiana's public schools

The danger of President Pence

Mike Pence likes pardoned criminal sheriff Joe Arpaio

If Trump goes, this is what God has in store

Pence's football game walk out trip cost over $200,000

Top Pence aide threatens GOP politicians who don't back Trump

Michael Pence, the vice liar in chief

Pence and Flynn

Stupid Michael Pence tricks

Pence likes to repeat himself

Pence's record

Mike Pence on s in 2000

Pense dense on climate change

Pence wants Christian heretics' myth taught in schools

Pence assembling team of rightwing Christian heretics

How school voucher program worked out in Pence's Indiana: Five years after the program was established, more than half of the state’s voucher recipients have never attended Indiana public schools, meaning that taxpayers are now covering private and religious school tuition for children whose parents had previously footed that bill.

Pence: Who cares about conflicts of interest?

Meet Mike Pence

Trump's veep pick wanted Iraq War

Sonny Perdue

Sonny Perdue on the Civil War

Rick Perry

Perry wants to prop up coal and nuclear power

Some reasons you don't want Perry as Energy Secretary

Rick Perry's academic background

Rick Perry: A climate change denier

Rick Perry could be named to head department he wants to kill

Mike Pompeo

Pompeo wants to revive mass surveillance

Trump's CIA pick supports torture

Dina Powell

President Trump’s new deputy national security adviser made $4.15 million last year at Goldman Sachs

Tom Price

Tom Price needs private jet to reach "real American people"

Tom Price costs taxpayers $25k to fly from DC to Philadelphia

More on the Tom Price war on healthcare

Trump names another cabinet secretary to destroy programs he's meant to run

Erik Prince

Trump pal wants American viceroy in Afghanistan

Erik Prince, America’s most notorious mercenary, is lurking in the shadows of the incoming Trump administration.

Scott Pruitt

One thing Scott Pruitt and Hillary Clinton have in common

Scott Pruitt's last gift to pollution

Scott Pruitt uses government staffers to shop for his snacks

Another Scott Pruitt horror story

Scott Pruitt doesn't just screw up the environment

Pruitt asked to use sirens to avoid traffic jam

EPA chief working hard to make people stupid about climate change

Pruitt wrecking EPA

EPA chief laughs about killing agency

EPA Director-designate Scott Pruitt, as state senator, proposed one of the most onerous anti-abortion laws in the country, and as attorney general, he helped lead the opposition to the recent Department of Education guidelines on transgender students using gender-appropriate bathrooms... Pruitt has repeated the misleading claim that “scientists continue to disagree about the degree and extent of global warming and its connections to the actions of mankind.”

Scott Pruitt has sued the EPA 13 times as Oklahoma’s attorney general. Pruitt, a climate change denier with close ties to the fossil fuel industry, refers to himself as a “leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda.”

Scott Pruitt opposed cleanup of Chesapeake Bay

Pruitt's EPA lawsuits are really bad

Multi-billionaire energy investor vetted Trump's EPA choices

Wilbur Ross

Stunning charges against Trump's Commerce Secretary

Commerce Secretary: Bombing of Syria was "in lieu of after dinner entertainment"

Trump's heavily conflicted choice for Commerce Secretary

Trump names bankruptcy vulture as Commerce Secretary

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, Attorney General

Jefferson Bauregard Sessions shutting down true marijuana research

Jeff Sessions and the Alabama Watergate

Sessions plans to increase the amount of goods police steals from unproven criminals

Sessions wants to bring back failed DARE drug program

Sessions revives drug war failure

Tough on talk, Sessions doesn't have any US Attorneys in place

Sessions won't say if he'll prosecute media for publishing leaked material

The seamy past of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions

Sessions' not too subtle war on civil rights

Sessions threatens to deny hundreds of cities crime fighting funds

Jeff Sessions, the US Attorney General, has described marijuana as “only slightly less awful” than heroin.

How Sessions has misused his power in the past

What Sessions used to think about lying

Sessions dumps transgender bathroom protection

Sessions doesn't care much for liberty, even if you're white

During his 20 years in the Senate, Sessions has used his perch on the judiciary committee to block nearly every black candidate for a judgeship in his state.

Jefferson Bauregard Sessions as bad with facts as his boss

Behind the Jeff in Jeff Sessions

How Jeff Sessions Helped Kill Equitable School Funding in Alabama

Sessions thinks 26% of Americans unfit to govern because they don't believe in God

Sessions wobbles on marijuana law enforcement

Some more reasons to reject Sessions

Sessions would consider reviving porn prosecutions

Sessions can' remember whether he got award from the KKK

Sessions' record against voting rights

Deciphering Jeff Sessions

1,226 Law Professors Tell Congress to Dump Jeff Sessions

Questions about Sessions' civil rights cases

Sessions' appointment would be good news for the pending Bayer-Monsanto mega-merger

How Sessions handles the law

Sessions favors anti- immigration rules

Notes on Sessions

Bill Shine

Wife of Trump's new communications head thinks women soldiers should expect to be sexually harassed

Roger Stone

The history of Roger Stone

The charges against Roger Stone

Rex Tillerson

Tillerson reportedly called Trump "a moron"

No president has undermined his Secretary of State like this

Trump's secretary of state gets $182 million golden parachute from Exxon

Tillerson is director of a US-Russian oil firm hidden in Bahamas

Behind the Tillerson choice

Even Tillerson doesn't like fracking (at least near his home)

Big Russian business pal in lead for Secretary of State

Big Russian business pal in lead for Secretary of State

Ryan Zinke

How Zinke undid science at the Department of Interior

The lasting damage of Zinke

Zinke want to lease nearly three million acres of public land to energy companies

Zinke plans to double fee to enter most popular national parks

Interior's egomanical boss

Donald Trump's choice to head the Interior Department on Tuesday rejected the president-elect's claim that climate change is a hoax, saying it is indisputable that environmental changes are affecting the world's temperature and human activity is a major reason.

Zinke's votes ranked 3% by League of Conservation VotersGon

Gone gang members

Stephen Bannon

Trump lies about how long he's known Bannon

Advertisers dumping Breitbart

The United States and China will fight a war within the next 10 years over islands in the South China Sea, and “there’s no doubt about that”. At the same time, the US will be in another “major” war in the Middle East. Those are the views – nine months ago at least – of one of the most powerful men in Donald Trump’s administration, Steve Bannon, the former head of far-right news website Breitbart who is now chief strategist at the White House.

Trump to get his national security ideas from a right wing extremist rather than military chiefs

Why Steve Bannon admired Lenin

What Trump's close security advisor had to say about s

Trump's chief strategist would like to limit voting to property owners

Trump's strategic advisor deeply prejudiced again

Michael Flynn

Flynn connections

Paul Manafort

Manafort connections

Rick Perry

Rick Perry claims fossil fuels reduce esexual assaults

Andy Puzder (withdrew)

Rachel Maddow reveals what really got Trump worried about Puzder

Trump's proposed labor secretary has a load of labor problems himself

Trump's anti-labor secretary

Trump's labor choice doesn't like worker breaks

Trump chooses major critic of minimum wage increase as labor secretary

Anthony Scaramucci

What Scaramucci use to say about Trump

What Scaramucci said about Trump in the past

Sean Spicer

Daily Show tribute to Sean Spicer

The best of Sean Spicer

Spicer invades staffers cellphones

Sean Spicer defends handcuffing a 5-year-old American boy for hours at an airport: "To assume that just because of someone’s age and gender that they don’t pose a threat would be misguided and wrong."

Spicer lies abot size of federal government

Donald Jr & Ivanka Trump

Video of Donald Trump Jr enthusing about guns

What it's like to be the wrong child in the Trump family

Tiffany Trump

What it's like to be the wrong child in the Trump family

Election and transition

Donald Trump’s stunning victory will force the U.S. to confront a series of never-before-seen entanglements over the president’s private business, debts and rocky financial history. No laws prohibit Trump from involving himself in his private company, the Trump Organization, while serving in the highest public office... Trump’s business empire of hotels, golf courses and licensing deals in the U.S. and abroad, some of which have benefited from tax breaks or government subsidies, represents an ethical minefield for a commander-in-chief who would oversee the U.S. budget and foreign relations, some analysts say.

The lobbyists Trump disparaged are now on his team

Donald Trump's pledge to "ban all s" no longer on his website.

Trump: married three times, said lewd things but still got the evangelical vote


Trump and his associates had more than 100 contacts with Russians before the inauguration

Word: Trump's Moscow tower

More evidence that Trump has been a Russian asset

Trump and Putin Have Met Five Times. What Was Said Is a Mystery

Trump's ties to the Russians goes back to the 1980s

FBI was investigating whether Trump was national security threat

Trump's company reportedly offered Putin a free $50 million penthouse

Trump's ties with Russian mafia go back decades

Bookshelf: Trump's ties to Russian mob

What we now know about Trump and Russia

A 2017 story that tells part of the Russian election corruption tale

Trump's law firm ranked as "Russian law firm of the year"

Business deals

Trump winery wants to hire 23 foreign workers

Trump made $35 million out of real estate in 2018

Trump Organization fleeced Trump inaugural committee

Saudi-funded lobbyist paid for 500 rooms at Trump’s hotel after 2016 election

Look who's overseeing the pharmaceutical industry

Major federal lawsuit against alleged scams by Trump family

Collection of Trump business lies

Great summary of some of Trump's sleazy business dealings

NY Attorney General moves against Trump

Mar-a-Lago income more than doubles since 2015

Trump golf course offers White House staff discounts

What you're paying for the Trump boys' business travels

Government paid $65K to Trump company for Scotland stay

Want a donation from the Trump ? Hold an expensive fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago

Trump and Kushner towers among top NYC polluters

Trump treasurer didn't know he had the job

Doing business from the White House pays off

Trump made $40 million off of Washington hotel last year

Word: Trump as a businessman

Another dubious Trump real estate deal

Trump opposed sprinklers for Trump Tower

Trump real estate deals in India reveal corruption, lawsuits, and fraud.

Why Trump is so pissed at the NFL

Trump's LA golf course losing business

The story of Trump's friends

Journalists covering the Trump saga should definitely watch this Dutch TV documentary that tells stories that should have been featured during the campaign but weren't. Ordinary citizens should find a quiet 45 minutes and watch it as well.

Part Two

An investigative reporter looks into the Trump empire six years ago

DC wine bar suing Trump

DC TV station finds Trump Tower loaded with foreign goods

Why you may not want this businessman running your country

Court orders Trump to pay Miami paint store $300,000

Trump already using 2020 campaign funds to boost his own businesses

The Trump business model for government

Trump still in close touch with his businesses

Trump wasn't a real CEO and is running America like a family business

Was Trump really a top student at Wharton School?

Trump Vinyard seeking foreign workers

Trump invited golf club members to his job interviews

Indonesian business partner claims easy access to White House

Court rules Trump's golf course has to pay millions

Trump hit with $2 million suit by DC hotel contractor

The D.C. Trump International Hotel in the Old Post Office lost more than $1 million in net income during its first two months of operation and its revenues were $2 million less than estimates it provided to the General Services Administration,

A subcontractor that worked on Donald Trump’s new luxury Washington, D.C. hotel has filed a lien claiming that the Trump Organization and its construction manager have not paid it almost $2.1 million. That claim, reported Friday by the Washington Post, brings the total in alleged unpaid bills on the Trump International Hotel in D.C. to more than $5 million

Trump companies owe more than $1 billion

Donald Trump’s new Washington hotel, located just blocks from the White House, owes electricians, wood workers and a plumbing and heating business more than $5 million for unpaid labor, according to liens filed against the property with the District of Columbia. The 263-room hotel, located on the historic site of the city’s former main post office, opened in October following a $212 million renovation of the 1899 structure. The liens were filed in November and December, according to public records.

The Trump hotel’s lobby bar has raised its cocktail prices yet again. The cheapest option now is $24, while the most expensive is $100. It’s safe to say the Trump hotel’s Benjamin Bar & Lounge is now the most expensive overall bar in all of Washington


A guide to Trump's $700 million in debt

Trump's DC hotel will be in violation of lease on January 20

Campaign brought in $11 million to Trump businesses

Trump's NBC job is more troublesome than it seems

Trumps live up to promise to take US business out of China. . . Just one little problem

Donald Trump has filed for business bankruptcy four times

America as just another Trump business

Trump's Scottish golf flop

Trump holds interest in Keystone Pipeline company

A third of Trump ventures were flaccid

Trump ditched American steelworkers for business with China

Trump's skill was making money for himself not for his businesses

What it's like to do business with Donald Trump

Trump hit with 3500 law suits alleged non payment of contracts

No Fortune 100 CEO has given to Trump

NY Attorney General called Trump University a "straight up fraud."

Trump projects have received at least $885 million in public subsidies

Trump properties in huge tax scam case

Photo gallery of products from abroad in Trump's new hotel

More Trump funny figures

Trump vs. the law: A case file

A short list of Trump scandals

All in the family: Trump's dad and grandfather

Doing business with Donald Trump

Trump & Co involved in over 4,000 lawsuits

Donald Trump's own line of men's wear, the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection, is manufactured in China. -Salon

Thirty law suits that reveal the real Donald Trump

Trump's corporate rap sheet

How Trump has tried (and suceeded) to avoid taxes

Trump's Mafia linked business pal comes to the fore

Trump uses foreign workers for his beach club

Trump declares war against First Amendment

Via Jim Angel

Trump and people

What Trumpoids really think

How Trump treats others. . .

What sort of mob boss is Trump?

Trump wants Nazi approach to s

196 people Trump has insulted and what he has said about them

3 in 4 young black Americans say they’d feel like fleeing the country if Donald Trump is elected

The 282 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter

Trump promises to sue who accused him of sexual abuse

Trump and the mob

Trump even rips off his own staff

Trump legally censors even volunteers

Trump wants you to spy on your neighbor

Impeachment etc

42% want Trump impeached

85% oppose presidents pardoning themselves

Nearly half of want Trump to be impeached


How Trump could work the market as president

The unmentioned aspect of Russia's manipulation of our election